-->'''Ace Cooper:''' In magic there is always a trick.

-->'''Cosmo:''' Man, I love this job!

''The Magician'' was a French animated television series produced by Xilam and distributed by Gaumont. The series aired in 1999 on Creator/FoxKids Saturday mornings.

The series takes place near the beginning of the third millennium in the fictional city of Electro City. Technology has advanced, and a new wave of criminals are willing to take advantage of it, including Black Jack, one of the city's most dangerous criminals.

The only man who can face these criminals is Ace Cooper, ''aka'' The Magician. He works as a stage magician, which allows him to hide that he also possesses real magic. In his crime-fighting, Ace is helped by Cosmo, his teenage magician's assistant, and Lieutenant Vega, an old friend from the police. Ace is also sometimes helped by Mona Malone, his romantic interest in the series, but their relationship is often strained because she is also the daughter of Black Jack.

The series is not well known and has a small fanbase. There were two seasons made; but, for unknown reasons, while the second season aired in other countries (probably including France), it never aired on Fox Kids.

Not to be confused with the 1973-1974 live action series starring Creator/BillBixby.

!!'''This series provides examples of''':
* ByThePowerOfGrayskull: Ace Cooper always said, "Magic force! Reveal the power within!" to change into his alter ego, The Magician.
* ConvenientlyAnOrphan: Was made clear with Ace since he was raised in an orphanage and we have no clue of what happened to his parents. It's hinted that Cosmo use to live with at least his father before living with Ace, but it's never clear if his [[ParentalAbandonment parents are actually alive or dead]]
* DatingCatwoman
* DeathDealer: Although nonlethal, Ace does this.
* EvilTwin: In the episode "Twin Brothers," a man who looks identical to Ace (well, his nose was different, but he got a nose job to fix it) tries to kill Ace so he can take over his life. This can also be tied with IdenticalStranger.
* InsideAComputerSystem: It happens during the episode "Virtual Fatality."
* MagiciansAreWizards: The "hiding in plain sight" variety. He keeps to stage magic, until his TransformationSequence OnceAnEpisode.
* MagicianDetective: This is Ace's main job in the show.
* PoliceAreUseless: The police, especially Captain Fredricks, tend to be this a lot. Many times, they've arrested Ace Cooper or blamed him, for the crime of the episode.
* StudioAudience: In-universe, for a show whose presenter is a recurring character. Prompts for applauding or laughing are visible, in the form of screens with icons.
* TeenGenius: Cosmo.
* ThemeNaming: Ace Cooper, Blackjack and his [[TheDragon dragons,]] Spade and Diamond.
* VillainExitStageLeft: This will always happen, several times with the major villain Black Jack, and also with the two other big villains, Faceless and Sonny Boy.