->''There's a buzz-buzz-buzz in the meadow / There's a buzz-buzz-buzz in trees / There's a buzz-buzz-buzz in the flowers / We're so busy being buzzy bees / We're busy buzzy with Buzzbee... It's great to be alive! / When you buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz with Buzzbee in The Hive!''
-->--Show theme

[[caption-width-right:350:Buzzbee at a laptop]]

''The Hive'' is an [[AllCGICartoon all-CGI]] animated series that airs on [[Creator/DisneyChannel Disney Junior]], proving that perhaps [[BeeAfraid everything isn't worse with bees]]. It was first seen on Playhouse Disney in non-U.S. markets in late 2010 and continued to air with the advent of the Disney Junior network, premiering in the United States in October, 2012 exclusively on the full 24-7 Disney Junior channel which replaced Creator/SoapNet.

The series features an almost entirely insect society, similar to ''[[WesternAnimation/MissSpidersSunnyPatchFriends Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends]]'', but with bees instead of spiders as the main characters of note. The adventures are presented through the eyes of Buzzbee, an excitable young boy bee who lives with his parents and two sisters and attends school in a meadow. He shares his adventures with many friends in a format that is generally SliceOfLife, but which also presents [[AnAesop aesops]].

The U.S. airings of the program, rather than regionalizing the series, instead retain British voices and terminology, such as characters having "biscuits" instead of "cookies." The series is also very much a product of the 2010s, with one installment focusing on Buzzbee learning how to use e-mail after a local store implements a new e-mail order system where shoppers can e-mail a list and have items delivered.

!!''The Hive'' features examples of:

* AllAnimalsAreDogs: Buzzbee's grandparents have a pet flea named Jump who beehaves just like a dog, yipping, fetching and tracking.
* AllCGICartoon
* AnAesop: Most every episode aims to teach one of some sort.
* BigEater: Buzzbee can [[IncrediblyLamePun bee]] at times and it gets him in trouble in "Don't Bee Greedy."
* ABoyAGirlAndABabyFamily: Buzzbee's family
* CouchGag: the lovebirds at each episode's opening and closing
* ChristmasEpisode: "Babee's First Christmas / The Night Before Christmas / Buzzbee and the Snowbee"
* DanceSensation: Buzzbee creates one in "Dancing Bee."
* DisembodiedEyebrows: Seen on worms on the show
** Most of the characters have disembodied hands and feet, and it can be very distracting, once you realize ''These characters have no arms or legs attaching their hands and feet to their bodies!'' (NB: You can see it on the page photo.)
* FamilyThemeNaming and PunnyName: Buzzbee, big sister Rubee, and Babee
* FearOfThunder: Jasper the wasp
* FunnyAnimal: The characters are almost entirely funny animals, but with an occasional FurryReminder, mostly related to things such as the bees beeing able to fly and beeing generally buzzy. They look CivilizedAnimal in appearance, but their beehaviour and mentality is almost entirely human nature and values. Despite the series name, however, they do not all live together in a hive with a bunch of other bees, nor do they take orders from a queen or have drones. There ''is'' a queen, but she isn't just some bee who sits around fat and popping out eggs, and there are worker bees, but again, they're not mindless workers.
* GotVolunteered: When Dr. Beetle comes to school for a medical checkup, he asks who wants to go first. Everyone is scared stiff and Buzzbee is called on when he falls over backward out of fright, his movement being mistaken for enthusiasm.
* ImaginaryFriend: Buzzbee creates one in "Imaginary Bee" when he gets bored of having nobody to play with.
* KidAppealCharacter: Buzzbee. This trope did used to be called "The Bumblebee."
* MeaningfulName: There's Buzzbee, of course. He's a bee, and he buzzes about a lot. Most of the other characters have meaningful names as well.
* MouseWorld: It could bee, though it's never said for sure.
* SantaClaus: Buzzbee is extremely disappointed when the guy at school presented as Papa Christmas is just his grandpa in a costume, but Rubee reassures him that Papa Christmas has lots of helpers.
* SeldomSeenSpecies: Bees are rare in a series that features anthropomorphic animals in place of humans, due to the fear people have.
* SliceOfLife: When not teaching aesops, the show is generally this.
* SurpriseParty: In "Have You Heard?", Buzzbee and his friends decide to hold one for their teacher when Buzzbee partially overhears a conversation about somebody leaving the school. When they actually throw the party, the teacher reveals that it's actually the school ''cleaner'' who's moving away. They decide to continue the party anyway, as a celebration for the teacher staying. As for the cleaner... it seems nobody cares.
* ThatCloudLooksLike: Buzzbee and his friends do this in the opening of "Have You Heard?"
* TitleThemeTune: Though the title is only used at the very end.
** ThemeTuneCameo: The characters can sometimes bee heard humming the show's theme.
* WhatTheHellHero: Buzzbee yells at Rubee when she spoils his magic trick to his friends.