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''The Great Grape Ape'' is a SaturdayMorningCartoon produced by Creator/HannaBarbera for Creator/{{ABC}} as part of ''WesternAnimation/TheTomAndJerryShow''. The main characters were Grape Ape, a gigantic purple gorilla, and Beegle Beagle, his canine partner.

Grape Ape later spun off into a Sunday morning show and competed on WesternAnimation/YogiBear's team in the ''WesternAnimation/LaffALympics''[[note]]He's the only post-1962 character on that team.[[/note]] and later still cameoed in episodes of ''WesternAnimation/HarveyBirdmanAttorneyAtLaw'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy''.

!!''The Great Grape Ape'' provides examples of:

* AttackOfthe50FootWhatever: Grape Ape
* DepthDeception: Grape Ape has been known to [[ArtisticLicenseAstronomy manipulate the sun and the moon]].
* DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength: Grape Ape's strength seems to cause as many problems as it solves.
-->'''Grape Ape:''' Sorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy. Grape Ape, Grape Ape.
* {{Funny Animal}}s: Grape Ape and Beegle, naturally.
* GentleGiant: Grape Ape!
* HalfDressedCartoonAnimal: Both Grape Ape and Beegle Beagle, and probably more. This is a Creator/HannaBarbera production, of course.
* {{Kaiju}}: Grape Ape. Much friendlier than the usual, but he's still a 50-foot tall ape!
* KillerGorilla: The people who scream at his sight believe he is one.
%% * TheKlutz: Grape Ape
* LionsAndTigersAndHumansOhMy: Beegle and Grape Ape are generally the only funny animals on the show. While everyone panics upon seeing a 40ft gorilla, no one bats an eye at a dog driving a van.
* NiceHat: Grape Ape's giant green cap, and Beegle's red trilby
* OddFriendship: A 40ft tall gorilla and his talking dog best friend
* PokemonSpeak[=/=]VerbalTic[=/=]ThirdPersonPerson: Grape Ape says his own name frequently.
* PhraseCatcher: "YOW! A GORI-LI-LI-LI-LI-LI-LI-LI-LI-LLA!!"
* RepeatedCueTardyResponse: In one episode, Grape Ape is dressed as a genie and hiding in a large vase. Beegle Beagle has arranged for Grape Ape to come out of the vase after the former knocks three times, but Grape Ape is slow to catch on.
* RunningGag: People freaking out and running away at top speed on seeing Grape Ape.
* VagabondBuddies: Each episode begins with the two coming into town in/on Beegle's minivan.
* YourSizeMayVary: Grape Ape is canonically 40 feet tall, but he'll often appear bigger or smaller depending on the needs of a scene.