-->''"Seriously. This is a cartoon."''\\
-- ''[[Creator/CartoonNetwork The Big Game XXIX]]: [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Bugs VS Daffy]]'' listing this show as one of the sponsors for its halftime show

No, this isn't a sketch or talk show, despite what the title suggests.

In an AnimatedAdaptation of the MadeForTVMovie ''TheKidWithTheBrokenHalo'', [[DiffrentStrokes Gary Coleman]] stars as an apprentice angel named Andy [=LeBeau=]. OnceAnEpisode, he has to go help one or more unfortunate children on Earth solve their problems. With each mission, though, the {{villain}}ous Hornswoggle would always try to sabotage Andy by tricking him into making the wrong choices, and Andy would have to fix them by the end.

HannaBarbera produced the show for Creator/{{NBC}}. If this cartoon wasn't hard enough to watch back when it was in first run in 1982, or when it was rerun on Creator/CartoonNetwork, [[HarsherInHindsight it's definitely hard to watch now that]] [[FunnyAneurysmMoment Gary Coleman has actually died]].
This cartoon provides examples of:
* AnimatedAdaptation
* FluffyCloudHeaven
* HeyItsThatVoice: CaseyKasem did the OpeningNarration, and [[JulieMcWhirter Julie McWhirter Dees]] was the voice of Lydia, the rich girl.
** How did [[TenchiMuyo Ayeka]] become an angel? (She and supervising angel Angelica were both voiced by Jennifer Darling.)
* LastNameBasis: Boss angel Angelica typically addressed Andy by his surname.
* [[NotSoImaginaryFriend Not So Imaginary Fiend]] : Andy cannot ever convince Angie that Hornswoggle really exists ; she summarily dismisses all talk of him as Andy's excuses. Because, ya know, [[SarcasmMode why would an angel]] believe in something [[IdiotBall as silly as demons and tempters?]] [[CosmicPlaything All evidence Andy obtains is absurdly destroyed]], with one time a mask Hornswoggle had used being eaten by an elephant!
* OurAngelsAreDifferent
* RhymesOnADime: Side character Haggle. Occasionally [[GotMeDoingIt rubbed off on others]] as well:
-->'''Angelica:''' Good show, [=LeBeau=]; now it's time to go.\\
'''Andy:''' You're beginning to sound like Haggle!
* SecretIdentity: None of Andy's friends knows he's an angel.