''Talkartoons'' is the name of a series of 42 animated cartoons produced by Creator/FleischerStudios and distributed by Creator/{{Paramount}} Pictures between [[UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation 1929 and 1932.]] It is a sister series to the Fleischer's successful WesternAnimation/ScreenSongs cartoons. WesternAnimation/BettyBoop got her start in this series, which quickly made her the star of them and, circa 1932, became Betty's own standalone series altogether.

A quick history of the series can be found on [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkartoons this article]], courtesy of Wiki/TheOtherWiki.
[[folder: Filmography]]

* Noah's Lark: October 25

* Marriage Wows: January 8
* Radio Riot: February 13
* Hot Dog: March 29 - First appearance of Bimbo.
* Fire Bugs: May 9
* Wise Flies: July 18
* Dizzy Dishes: August 9 - First appearance of the Betty Boop prototype; first appearance of new title card design.
* Barnacle Bill: August 31
* [[WesternAnimation/SwingYouSinners Swing You Sinners!]]: September 24
* Grand Uproar: October 3
* Sky Scraping: November 1
* Up to Mars: November 20
* Accordion Joe: Deccember 12
* Mysterious Mose: December 26.

* Ace of Spades: January 16
* Tree Saps: February 3
* Teacher's Pest: February 7
* The Cow's Husband: March 13
* The Bum Bandit: April 3
* The Male Man: April 24
* Twenty Legs Under the Sea: May 5
* Silly Scandals: May 23: First time Betty Boop is named.
* The Herring Murder Case: June 26 - First Talkartoon appearance of Koko the Clown
* WesternAnimation/BimbosInitiation: July 24
* Bimbo's Express: August 22
* Minding the Baby: September 26
* In the Shade of the Old Apple Sauce: October 16
* Mask-A-Raid: November 7 - First appearance of the human Betty Boop
* Jack and the Beanstalk: November 21 - Final appearance of the dog-eared Betty Boop
* Dizzy Red Riding Hood: December 12

* Any Rags?: January 2
* Boop-Oop-a-Doop: January 16
* The Robot: February 5
* Minnie the Moocher: February 26
* Swim or Sink: (S.O.S.) March 11
* Crazy Town: March 25 - Features custom title design.
* The Dancing Fool: April 8
* Chess-Nuts: April 13
* A Hunting We Will Go: April 29
* Hide and Seek: May 26
* Admission Free: June 10
* The Betty Boop Limited: July 1

* ArtEvolution: The earliest shorts had a stiff, paper cut-out like feeling to the animation, a holdover from the Fleischers' work on their ''WesternAnimation/OutOfTheInkwell'' cartoons (as well as the first ''WesternAnimation/ScreenSongs''). This was immediately done away with as soon as they got Creator/GrimNatwick on board the staff, who helped beef up the animation of the Fleischer cartoons considerably.
** Bimbo went through multiple redesigns until settling on being a cute, big-eyed dog with a sweatshirt and shoes.
** Betty Boop too, going through an AnthropomorphicShift.
* AnimationBump: Some parts of the shorts would feature backgrounds that were animated in perspective, a fairly challenging feat to do for an animator.
** A scene from "The Bum Bandit", where several different backgrounds were used to create a successive first-person zoom-up shot to a gun-wielding Bimbo.
* BreakoutCharacter: Betty Boop, who eventually got her own series.
* CarnivoreConfusion: Humanlike spiders who want to eat the equally humanlike flies in "Wise Flies".
* ConstructionIsAwesome: Demonstrated in "Sky Scraping".
* DerangedAnimation: Typical of the Fleischers' work, some of these shorts are just plain nutty, especially compared to Disney's product from around the same time. "Swing You Sinners!" and "WesternAnimation/BimbosInitiation" are some of the best examples.
* TheEveryman: Bimbo, of course.
* {{Expy}}: Bimbo is an expy of the earlier Max Fleischer cartoon dog Fitz, from ''WesternAnimation/OutOfTheInkwell''.
* MickeyMousing: Prevalent, as it was in early sound cartoons.
* MindScrew: "Swing You Sinners!" and "Up to Mars".
* {{Rotoscoping}}: Used in "The Cow's Husband", "Minnie the Moocher" and "Crazy Town".
* RunningGag: "Grand Uproar" had a fat hippo moving his way through the theater seats and knocking a patron out of his seat at the end of the row. The third time around, the annoyed patron pulls out a fold-up chair and sits in the aisle.
* [[SquirrelsInMyPants Snakes in My Pants]]: Happens to Noah in "Noah's Lark".
* WeirdnessMagnet: Poor Bimbo.