It could be [[{{Animesque}} mistaken for an anime]], were it not for the unmistakeable UsefulNotes/NewZealand accents. ''Sparkle Friends'' is a cartoon about a team of kids, their pet gorilla Camilla, and Gun-gi, a pinkish-purplish pet/companion. Gun-gi, so called because anything he spews his gungy vomit on obtains magical powers, is central to the show's premise. [[WidgetSeries It's Gun-gi's vomit which turns the kids into action heroes]] (although most episodes are just about them having random adventures).

Created by Kiwi animation studio Mukpuddy to serve as an animated segment in NZ kids show ''What Now'', the main human cast consists of anime-style younger versions of the hosts. Consequently, as hosts come and go, the cartoon characters change. Gun-gi, Camilla, and the kids Charlie and Serena are the only characters to feature in every single episode.

* {{Animesque}}: A rare Kiwi example. The full title in the opening sequence, ''What Now Sparkle Friends High Score'', is presumably further spoofing [[WordSaladTitle odd anime naming]].
* BigfootSasquatchAndYeti: The episode "Are We There Yeti" had them trying to get a photo of Bigfoot. Who turns to literally be a big foot.
* DiggingToChina: One episode has them dig to UsefulNotes/{{Japan}}. You'd think they would choose somewhere that wasn't in the same hemisphere, but that's pretty much in keeping with the absurdist bent of the cartoon.
* {{Parody}}: Many episodes contain pop culture allusions or parody.
* ToiletHumour: Its a show with magic vomit in the premise.
* WidgetSeries: It's about kids gaining superpowers thanks to a vomit-spewing flying pink pokemon-thing. So yeah.