[[caption-width-right:350:Not pictured: Native American lead character Dr. Paul Williams.]]

A short lived Creator/HannaBarbera cartoon, airing in the winter of 1972. The show followed the exploits of the crew of Sealab, an underwater research station devoted to studying, exploring, and protecting underwater marine life. The show had a short run, with only 13 episodes aired (and three left unaired).

The show disappeared into obscurity for almost thirty years, before the burgeoning program block Creator/AdultSwim took it, and retooled into a more successful parody of itself, ''{{WesternAnimation/Sealab 2021}}''.
!!Tropes featured in this show:

* GreenAesop: More often than not.
* LimitedAnimation: Like most cartoons of its era.
* UnderwaterBase[=/=]UnderwaterCity: Sealab, of course.