A Canadian television program airing since 1998, aimed at children that was created by Creator/WilliamJoyce. It once aired on the Playhouse Disney block of DisneyChannel on the United States and is currently seen in repeats on the 24/7 Disney Junior network, the successor of Playhouse Disney.

''Rolie Polie Olie'' centers on the title character, who by all appearances is a robot made out of spheres, and his family. His best friend is his next door neighbor, made out of cubes. He has a robot dog, and several inanimate objects have faces.

A {{Nelvana}} program.

!!Provides Examples of:
* AllCGICartoon
* BigDamnMovie: ''Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun''
* BlueBoyPinkGirl: Coo and Coochie
* EfficientDisplacement:
** In "Roll the Camera" a mishap with the lawn polisher sends Olie's dad through a hedge.
** In "Zowie's Harmonica" Spot rolls through the same hedge leaving a circle shaped hole.
** Olie does this partially in "Where O Where Did Olie Go?" when he (in his shrunken form) crash lands into a cake.
** Olie and Billy do this together with a tree in an episode when their soap box racer goes haywire.
** In "Spot That Hero" a giant dog's bark sends Spot crashing into a hedge in the park leaving a clean impression of his body.
* ExpressiveMask: Like ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', faces turn up in some unusual places, like Olie's teapot house.
* HappilyAdopted: The Polies adopt Coochie and Coo at the end of Baby Bot Chase, partially due to the fact that the twins had come to love the Polies as much as the Polies loved them.
* HomemadeInventions: Olie's father built a [[IncredibleShrinkingMan shrink ray]] at one point. ItMakesSenseInContext.
* InnocentSwearing: In one episode, Zowie unknowingly repeats a bad word (Dinglie Danglie Doodle) to the point of singing it. Interestingly, the episode is ''named after'' the "bad word."
* MindScrew: Everything has a face. ''everything''
* MundaneUtility: Said shrink ray
* OddNameOut: The babies on the Mothership in Baby Bot Chase include Cuddley, Wuddley, Googie, Gaga, Pookie, Babby, Giggley, and...Fred. It was also the former home of Coochie and Coo.
* RetroUniverse: The show has a very fifties feel to it.
* SkywardScream: In "It's a Roundi-ful life"
* StopCopyingMe: Once, the little Zowie begins to parrot Olie, much to his annoyance. He eventually exploits this to make her go to bed.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: similar to [[VideoGame/{{Metroid}} Samus]]' Morph Ball -- Olie can roll up into a sphere to travel [[ShapeshifterBaggage somehow]].