''[=ProStars=]'' was a SaturdayMorningCartoon, produced for Creator/{{NBC}} by Creator/DiCEntertainment, starring UsefulNotes/MichaelJordan, [[UsefulNotes/{{Baseball}} Bo Ja]][[UsefulNotes/NationalFootballLeague ckson]] and [[UsefulNotes/{{NHL}} Wayne Gretzky]]. It ran 13 episodes in 1991. The show stars animated versions of Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson and Wayne Gretzky, who all [[TheyFightCrime fight crime]] and [[GreenAesop save the environment]]. In most episodes, they'd get called in to save the day by a kid, get some sports-related weapons and battle a villain who is wreaking havoc [[ForTheEvulz just because they can]]. Some episodes dealt with things like the larceny of the Stanley Cup, or kids in gangs, for example. At the end of each episode, the athletes themselves explained the lesson in a live-action clip.

!!Tropes used by the series:

* AndKnowingIsHalfTheBattle: In the live-action segments.
* ArmorPiercingSlap: In one episode, an armor-piercing football tossed by Mom to get Bo Jackson ready, knocking him several feet across the room. To which Bo whined, "Even Jerry Rice couldn't catch that!"
* BaldOfAwesome: Michael Jordan.
* BatterUp: Considering that the cartoon ''[=ProStars=]'' has Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Bo Jackson fighting crime, it was inevitable that they'd go into battle throwing basketballs, swinging a hockey stick, and bashing attacks out of the air with a baseball bat.
* BigEater: Wayne Gretzky. His mind is always on food.
* TheBigGuy: Bo Jackson.
* ButtMonkey: The Neighbor. All the machines are just out to get him.
* CharlesAtlasSuperpower: Bo Jackson. How does he even get strong to superhero levels?
** Wheaties.
* ForTheEvulz: Most of the villains can be likened to the villains of ''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers'', for example.
* GreenAesop: Often.
* IdiotBall: The show is prone to these, with a common occurrence being the [=ProStars=] not using their gadgets until they're needed for the plot when they could've helped earlier.
* IKnowMaddenKombat: All of the heroes' crimefighting gadgets involved their respective sports (except, of course, Bo Jackson, who could seemingly pull out any sport he wanted due to Dual Classing in baseball and football).
* NotQuiteStarring: As in ''WesternAnimation/MisterT'' and ''WesternAnimation/ChuckNorrisKarateKommandos'', the animated stars actually have a live-action segment at the end.
* OffModel: Courtesy of South Korean studios [[Creator/DongWooAnimation Dong]] [[WesternAnimation/LoonaticsUnleashed Woo]] and [[Creator/SeiYoung Sei]] [[Series/TheSuperMarioBrosSuperShow Young]].
* PluckyComicRelief: Wayne Gretzky
* TheSmartGuy: Michael Jordan. In addition to being completely awesome and a basketball champion, he also was the smartest and taught kids to learn about mathematics.
* TeamMom: Mom, quite fittingly enough.
* TheyFightCrime