''Pop Pixie'', which premiered in 2010 (2011 in Italy), is a SpinOff of ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub''. It's set in an AlternateUniverse where pixies, gnomes, elves, and talking animals go about their daily lives in Pixieville. In the city's center is the Tree of Life, which grows "Magic Pops." When a pixie uses his or her powers for goodness, he or she may be given a Pop and become a "Pop Pixie."

Introduced in season two of ''Winx Club'', the pixies were a hit with younger fans and received their own toy lines and magazine. ''Pop Pixie'' was first announced in 2009 and consists of fifty-two, 13-minute-long episodes.

Don't confuse it with ''Manga/PixiePop''.
!This series provides examples of:

* AlternateUniverse: With the [[GenderFlip Gender Flips]], the Tree of Life playing a different role in the story, and the pixies having transformations (which they didn't have in the series), it's probably not set in the same world of ''Winx Club''.
* {{Animorphism}}: Amore accidentally turns herself into a fish in one episode.
* TheBarber: Pam is the hairdresser in Pixieville.
* BeeAfraid: In "Camp Pixie," Narcissa, Lockette and Amore are all stung by wasps after disturbing their underground nest.
* BedSheetGhost: Camilla does this to Damien in episode 17.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Lockette weaves in and out of traffic and is not afraid to modify her car on the go to bypass traffic.
* GadgeteerGenius: Fixit has built many gadgets, such as robot helpers.
* GenderFlip: Livy, Digit, Zing, and Jolly are boys.
* GrowsOnTrees: The Magic Pops.
* {{Invisibility}}: Camilla's special ability.
* LovePotion: Amore makes these in her shop.
* MagicalGirl: Pixies need to transform into Pop Pixies in order to unlock their full powers, though both boys can also transform like this.
* OneGenderRace: Averted. In ''Winx Club'', pixies were all female, but there are male pixies in this series.
* PlotTailoredToTheParty: Well, the pixies can gain their magic pops for using their talents for goodness, so naturally there are several episodes like this.
* PowerOfTheStorm: Cherie is the Pixie of Weather. She tends to change the weather based on her current mood, from sunny to stormy and back again.
* RunsWithScissors: Pam runs and flies all over the place with her trusty scissors, ready to cut up stuff whenever she needs to.
* SpinOff: Of ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub''. Due the gender flips and absence of the Winx, it seems to be in a different universe entirely.
* SuperStrength: Caramel's power.
* TeleportSpam: Lockette can do this when in Pop Pixie form.
* TransformationTrinket: The Magic Pops.
* UnclePennybags: Cherie is very wealthy and quite a bit vain, but she's a nice person to be with in general, as long as you can deal with her frequent mood swings.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Morpho can turn himself into anything he wants, like a fish, a lamp, or other people. He can also do this to other people as well, though he's a bit more limited in that aspect.
* WorldTree: The Tree of Life, the source of magic.