[[caption-width-right:300:37 miles north, a bit east and upwards, there’s Flåklypa.]]

'''''Pinchcliffe Grand Prix''''' or '''''Flåklypa Grand Prix''''' is a 1975 Norwegian animated feature film, directed by Ivo Caprino based on the works of author Kjell Aukrust, and featuring characters from many of Aukrust's books.

In the tiny mountain town Flåklypa lives the bicycle-repairman and inventor Reodor Felgen and his two assistants, Solan Gundersen (a cheerful and optimistic morning bird) and Ludvig (a nervous, pessimistic and melancholic hedgehog).

One day, the trio discovers that one of Reodor's former assistants, Rudolf Blodstrupmoen, has stolen his design for a race car engine and has become a world champion Formula One driver. Solan secures funding from an Arab oil sheik who happens to be vacationing in Flåklypa, and to enter the race, the trio builds a gigantic racing car: "Il Tempo Gigante".

This movie is one of the (if not THE) biggest successes in Norwegian film: It's popular enough that it has sold more tickets within Norway than the entire Norwegian population.

Solan and Ludvig would go on to star in many books by Aukrust, usually composed of small humorous SliceOfLife vignettes, and the pair would return to the movie world in the hand-drawn animated movie ''Solan, Ludvig og Gurin med Reverompa'' ("Solan, Ludvig and Gurin with the Fox Tail") in 1998.

In 2013, a new stop-motion animated movie with the characters and setting is to be released, named ''Jul i Flåklypa'' ("Christmas at Pinchcliffe").
!!''Pinchcliffe Grand Prix'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* AllDrummersAreAnimals: As a literal example, Emanuel Desperados, aside from being a gorilla driver, also guest stars in a human band at the unveiling of the [[CoolCar Il Tempo Gigante]], naturally as a drummer.
* ArabOilSheikh: Sheikh Ben Redic Fy Fazan. Translates something like Sheikh Ben Radish Gosh Tarnit.
* AwesomeMcCoolName: Rudolf Blodstrupmoen -- ''Rudolph Gore-Slimey'' in the English dub.
* BellyDancer: A belly-dancing ''bird'' (in more than one sense of the word).
* BreakoutCharacter: Ludvig, the only character in the movie who hadn't appeared previously in Kjell Aukrust's books (outside a single illustration), emerged as the star of the movie and went on to become Aukrust's most beloved character, starring in many books alongside Solan (who until now had been a solo character).
* BurningRubber: To the degree that the ''asphalt itself'' gets roasted and curls off the ground.
* CartoonCreature: There's a bit of confusion in the movie as to what sort of animal Ludvig really is; the narrator doesn't seem to be sure and Solan refers to him as a mole. After the movie, in subsequent books, Ludwig is firmly established as a hedgehog.
* CoolCar: [[http://www.caprino.no/pages/en/iltempo.asp Il Tempo Gigante]]
* {{Defictionalization}}: Of all things, the ''Il Tempo Gigante'' itself. A real Il tempo gigante car was used to promote the film, e.g. driving around the Hockenheimring between races. The car originally had an 250 hp Cadillac engine but when Niki Lauda saw it he provided them with an 7,6 ltr, 550 hp, big-block Chevrolet engine. The car also has an auxiliary jet engine, but due to EU restrictions the vehicle is barely permitted to be used at all save for exclusive TV cameos.
* DubNameChange: Since the Norwegian names are often difficult to pronounce for anyone who isn't Norwegian (and a lot of the names are pun-based anyway), the various language dubs often change the names of the characters. The English names for the main characters are:
** Reodor Felgen: Theodore Rimspoke
** Solan Gundersen: Sonny Duckworth
** Ludvig: Lambert
** Rudolf Blodstrupmoen: Rudolph Gore-Slimey
** Ben Redic Fy-Fazan: Abdul Ben Bonanza
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Emanuel Desperados, Ben Redic's driver, is a gorilla.
* TheEeyore: Ludvig.
* FeatherFingers: Solan Gundersen has hands. Still a bird.
* GadgeteerGenius: Reodor, whose many inventions are on display and in function around his house.
* LighterAndSofter: Solan, compared to how he's portrayed in books and other stories. In the books, he drinks, smokes and swears, and is in all ways a SmallNameBigEgo character. In this movie he's a lot more childlike and is at worst a cheeky, loveable rascal.
* LiveMinkCoat: The fox Enkefru Stengelføhn-Glad has around her neck is obviously alive enough to bob its head in accord with the music during the unveiling of the car.
* LovableCoward: Ludvig
* PettingZooPeople: A hedgehog and morning birds.
* SocietyMarchesOn: The fact that Norway had to rely on Arabian oil reserves in a movie made in the early seventies. {{Lampshaded}} by the official giving the speech when the car is revealed for the first time:
-->"Since we do not yet have access to our own oil reserves..."
* YouNoTakeCandle: The Sheikh.
-->'''Sheikh Ben Redic Fy Fazan:''' I many money. You all broke.
** Averted in the English dub, where he speaks with a heavy accent, but mostly uses normal grammar.
* WhyDoYouKeepChangingJobs: In the books, Emanuel Desperados works at the local dairy. Maybe his bodyguard/chauffeur gig was a summer job.
* WidgetSeries: Arguably a Weird Scandinavian Thing.