''Peppa Pig'' is a British pre-school animated television series created, directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies (the same team that made ''WesternAnimation/TheBigKnights'' and who also make ''WesternAnimation/BenAndHollysLittleKingdom'') and distributed by eOne Entertainment. Debuted in 2004 and [[LongRunners new episodes are still premiering as of September 2017]].

The series centers on Peppa and her family and friends. Other characters are other anthropomorphic animals whose names always start with the first letter of the name of the animal they represent. Popular enough in the UK to have an entire section of a children's theme park (Paulton's Park) called Peppa Pig World open in 2011.

It’s so popular in the UK in fact, it may as well be one of the only shows in history to have episodes premiere '''in cinemas'''. [[http://lifestyle.one/closer/entertainment/soaps/peppa-pig-first-cinema-experience-film/ No, we're not joking]]. The cinema experience features a brand new special and nine brand new episodes and was released in April 2017. It was a modest success, grossing £3.5 million.

!!Tropes seen in ''Peppa Pig'':
%%* AllBalloonsHaveHelium: In ''Mummy Pig's Birthday''.
* AdultFear: [[spoiler: In "London." The playgroup's double-decker bus only barely manages its jump over Tower Bridge, and even then, the bus is left teetering on the edge of its landing. The group has to move to the front of the bus in order to tip it safely onto the road.]]
* AlliterativeName:
** Peppa Pig, and most of her friends (Danny Dog, Suzy Sheep, Zoe Zebra, Pedro Pony, Rebecca Rabbit, et al.)
** Even Peppa and her friends agree that they like it when their names start with the same letter as the name of the species they are. For example, in "Mummy Rabbit's Bump", Peppa and some of her friends get to pick out a name for Mummy Rabbit's baby. Pedro's suggestions elicit strong questioning/rejection.
---> '''Pedro''': Sharon Rabbit.
---> '''Suzy''': I don't think so, Pedro.
---> '''Peppa''': Sharon Rabbit sounds wrong...
---> ''(later on)''
---> '''Pedro''': Michael Rabbit.
---> '''Peppa, Suzy and Rebecca''': Michael Rabbit?!? No!
** Joey Kangaroo averts this trope. However, he still has a PunnyName.
** George Pig, Chloe Pig and Alexander Pig are more obvious aversions. In general, those characters outside the CompetenceZone of Peppa and her friends avert this trope (Older characters are "Mummy", "Daddy", or other titles, and younger are like George.)
* AlliterativeTitle: '''P'''eppa '''P'''ig.
* AlternativeForeignThemeSong: The Japanese version uses [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu6dDAIepuE "Colorful Fanfare"]] by ROCO as its theme song.
* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: All of the parents featured in "School Play". They all take photos when they're not supposed to, and a few also call out to their children during the play.
* AmericansAreCowboys: Pedro likes to play cowboy in his spare time, and when he draws America for International Day, he just comes to school in his cowboy outfit.
* AnthropomorphicFood: Mr. Potato.
* ArtisticLicensePaleontology: In-universe - when the kids visit the dinosaur exhibit in Potato City, Edmund Elephant points out that the dinosaurs they have living together didn't actually live in the same era. The kids also basically get the attendant of the dinosaur exhibit to admit that the only reason they have a dinosaur exhibit at ''Potato'' City is because EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs.
* BeepingComputers: In "The Library," when Daddy Pig's library book is scanned in as ''ten years'' overdue, the library computer actually sounds and flashes a siren and displays a frowny face.
* BiggerOnTheInside: Peppa's house looks to be about four or five "Daddy Pig"s across when they are standing outside of it. Plenty of room indoors, though.
%%* BirthdayEpisode: LOTS of them.
* BlahBlahBlah: "That's how daddies talk."
* BlindWithoutEm: Daddy Pig & Pedro Pony. When both lose their glasses in separate episodes, they have a hard time telling what's what and who's who.
* BumblingDad: Daddy Pig can be this when he doesn't exactly know what he's doing.
* CaptainObvious: TheNarrator normally makes unneeded comments on what's happening. Justified as the show is aimed at young children.
* CarnivoreConfusion: Subverted in "The Zoo." Mr. Lion, a guide at the zoo, keeps calling Madame Gazelle a wildebeest, and it seems as though he could be compelled to eat her at any moment.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: When first introduced in her introductory episode, Emily Elephant was shy and modest, however in the same episode onwards, after winning a loud animal sound making contest on recess, she has become more cheerful and outgoing.
* CheatedAngle: The characters only ever face in two directions and both eyes are always on whatever side of their face is facing the viewer.
* ChildProdigy: Edmond Elephant is "a clever clogs." and knows a lot of random facts. He also is two but has ''perfect'' speech.
* ChristmasEpisode: "Santa's Grotto" and the follow-up "Santa's Visit" are about Christmas (and Santa).
%%* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Grampy Rabbit.
* TheCobblersChildrenHaveNoShoes: Related: Pedro's father is an optometrist, but Pedro is the only child that needs glasses.
* CoolOldLady: Madame Gazelle is old enough to have taught the parents, plays a mean guitar, used to be in a band, and was a world champion skiier.
** The Queen isn't too uptight to join in a round of jumping up and down in muddy puddles [[spoiler:, and she drove the playgroup's double decker bus over Tower Bridge during their tour of London.]]
* CueTheRain: In the "Thunderstorm" episode, after Daddy Pig says "Plenty of time before it rains."
* CuteButCacophonic:
** In the Spain Dub, When Richard cries, he sounds like he's shrieking.
** Baby Alexander's wailing is loud enough to be heard from quite a while away. Although it's justified, since he ''is'' a baby.
* DisappearedDad:
** Danny Dog's father has been sailing around the world.
** Suzy Sheep's father is never seen or heard of.
%%* TheDitz: (Sorta) Pedro.
* EverybodyLaughsEnding: Often laughing so hard that they are all on their backs.
* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: Madam Gazelle taught Peppa's parents and those everyone else in the class as well. Peppa and her friends get to see the time capsule their parents made, after burying one of their own.
%%* FarSideIsland: In the episode 'Desert Island'.
* FantasyHelmetEnforcement: In a variant, in the first two series, Peppa, George and friends are not seen wearing seat belts in their car, OR wearing bike helmets. From 2009 onwards, all characters appear with both in requisite situations and the creators of the show took the retroactive remedy of editing all older episodes to also feature belts and helmets where applicable.
* FatAndProud: Daddy Pig. He doesn't see the point in being fit and is fond of his fat belly (though he believes it to be pure muscle).
* FawltyTowersPlot: In ''Daddy Pig Puts Up A Picture'', Daddy Pig accidentally breaks the wall when trying to put up a photo of Peppa and George. He manages to mend it before Mummy Pig returns and notices it, and he and the children pretend nothing's happened when she ends up putting up the photo herself.
%%* ForgetfulJones: Pedro.
* FurryConfusion: Among a cast mostly made up of {{Funny Animal}}s, there's a family of normal ducks.
** Also, Gerald Giraffe and his family are anthropomorphic, but Gerald's father is a zookeeper for normal animals.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Grandpa Pig got away with saying "stupid" in at least one episode, which isn't ideal for little kids (the target audience) to hear.
** One BeachEpisode has Mummy Pig take her clothes off to reveal that she is wearing her swimsuit underneath (where her underwear should be) to swim along with Madame Gazelle.
* HaveYouTriedRebooting: It almost always works. In one episode, Grandpa Pig does this to his broken computer, which announces that it is now even more broken.
* HypocriticalHumor:
** In "Basketball" when Emily Elephant holds the ball with her trunk instead of her hands, making it so the other kids can't reach it, Peppa starts complaining that that isn't fair. Then Suzy Sheep reminds her that Emily is on ''their'' team, at which point Peppa decides it ''is'' fair.
** In "George's Birthday" when Peppa complains to Mummy and Daddy that George woke her up early, they remind her that she did the same thing to George and them in "My Birthday Party". Peppa declares that that was okay because it was ''her'' birthday.
* InsistentTerminology:
** In ''Grandpa Pig's Train To The Rescue'', Gertrude is not a toy train, she is a miniature locomotive. In order, this is insisted by Grandpa Pig, Peppa, all the other passengers, then finally Mrs Rabbit (whose big train had broken down.)
** In ''The Golden Boots'', Peppa insists that her boots are "golden," but Suzy feels that they're simply "yellow." They get into an ArgumentOfContradictions about it.
* KidsPreferBoxes: George ended up playing with the box instead when Daddy Pig and Grandpa Pig took too long setting up the fancy electronic car he got in the Christmas episode.
* KitchenSinkIncluded: in one episode, the pig family rents a camper van with dashboard controls for everything, including the sink.
* LargeHam: Grampy Rabbit, who is overly eager and over-the-top at anything he does. Helps he's also played by Creator/BrianBlessed, who is quite a hammy actor himself.
* LeavingFoodForSanta: In "Santa's Grotto", Grandpa Pig leaves Santa a mince pie and [[FrothyMugsOfWater an unspecified drink]]. Given British tradition, it was probably sherry. A carrot is also left for Santa's reindeer.
* LetsMeetTheMeat: Mr. Potato is a large sentient potato, but still encourages children to eat fruits and vegetables.
%%* LittleMissSnarker: Peppa occasionally.
* LionsAndTigersAndHumansOhMy: There are at least two humans in Peppa's world: Santa Claus and Queen Elizabeth II.
* MadLibsCatchPhrase: The Narrator:
--> "[Character] likes [what is currently happening]. ''Everybody'' likes [what is currently happening]."
* TheMountainsOfIllinois:
** The series never says where it is set. It is supposed to be somewhere in the UK, but things like high, alpine mountains, which aren't found in the UK, appear.
** Also in most foreign dubs, the dub will change the setting to where the dub takes place. For example, the Brazilian Portuguese version is supposed to have the series set in Brazil despite the fact snow-topped mountains and hills lined with temperate climate vegetation appear.
* NewJobAsThePlotDemands: Miss Rabbit doing every random job going is a running joke. Firewoman, supermarket checkout, museum shop, bus driver, train driver, Christmas tree sales ... Lampshaded in "Miss Rabbit's Day Off", in which everyone has to fill in for all her jobs, and in "The Queen" in which Miss Rabbit receives an award from The Queen for being 'The Hardest Worker In the Land'. Apparently played with in the episode where she is about to give birth. [[spoiler: It is revealed that in fact, Miss Rabbit is also a Nurse that works at the hospital and that her-never-before-revealed sister, Mummy Rabbit, is the one that gives birth.]]
* OcularGushers: The infants (most often George) cry a shower of tears a lot in the show. Peppa gets in on the action after her golden boots are taken by a duck in the special "The Golden Boots."
* ParentalBonus: There's quite a few jokes which are too subtle to be picked up by children, but an adult can find it mildly humorous, mostly delivered by Daddy Pig and [[Creator/BrianBlessed Grampy Rabbit]].
* PlutoIsExpendable: Pluto is excluded when the planets are mentioned at the museum. {{Justified|Trope}} in that Pluto had been denounced as a planet when the episode was made. Most schools don't teach Pluto is a planet anymore and many, if not most, museums removed it from planetariums.
* RecycledSoundtrack: JustifiedTrope. Richard Rabbit and George are both two years old. They don't have much of a vocabulary.
* RunningGag
** George's obsession with dinosaurs. "George, you always say 'dinosaur'!"
** Jumping up and down in muddy puddles because "everybody loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles." Even the adults.
** Daddy Pig climbing in trees to get something, then falling out of them. {{Lampshaded}} at least once by Mummy Pig.
** Whenever the Pig family goes, there's inevitably going to be a gift shop run by Miss Rabbit. Whether it be a museum, a scenic spot, a decrepit run-down shack on an overgrown path to a pond with fish Daddy Pig visited as a child, [[SerialEscalation even on the surface of the moon]].
*** Subverted during the pig family's trip to Italy, where Miss Rabbit works as an airport clerk and stewardess, but a goat runs a local gift shop.
** On every leg of her family's vacation in Italy, Peppa leaves her teddy bear behind, and a police officer returnz it to her.
** Grampy Rabbit asks everyone if they want to hear a song. The adults say no, the kids say yes, then he sings it.
* SantaClaus: In "Peppa's Christmas," both Peppa and George get to meet Santa. The episode seems to imply that the only reason Santa goes up and down the chimney is because he never thought of simply using the door. The vocal credits for the episode list "Father Christmas as himself."
* SchoolPlay: Peppa's class acts out Little Red Riding Hood for the parents. Then Pedro develops PerformanceAnxiety; Madame Gazelle joins him on stage.
* ShoutOut:
** The trip to Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur park has Grampy Rabbit welcoming everyone in the manner of Richard Attenborough in ''Franchise/JurassicPark''.
** An extremely bizarre one: in "Peppa's Christmas", a bunch of cards hanging near the ceiling can be seen occasionally - and [[http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/fantendo/images/7/78/Otaku_Peppa.png/revision/latest?cb=20140316020419 one of the cards]] blatantly has a picture of ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'', a Japanese character from the popular light novel and anime series with the same name.
* SickEpisode: Three of them. In ''Pedro's Cough'', everyone catches a cough that is instantly cured by a yucky pink liquid. In ''George Catches a Cold'', it's ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, invoking CatchYourDeathOfCold, and in ''Not Very Well'', Peppa gets an undefined rash.
* SliceOfLife
* SpeciesSurname: All the characters' surname are their species, such as Peppa Pig [[CaptainObvious who is a pig]].
* SuddenlyBilingual: In "Pen Pal" it suddenly becomes known for no particular reason that Mummy Pig can speak and understand French, and she uses her knowledge to help Peppa talk to her French pen pal Delphine. Her knowing French isn't mentioned again after the episode.
* SurpriseParty: One is held for Madam Gazelle in "Madam Gazelle's Leaving Party" as a leaving party for Madam Gazelle because she had said that she was leaving. The whole thing is a misunderstanding of Peppa's; Madam Gazelle is only going to be gone for a week for a holiday. She even said "no playgroup next week," but Peppa didn't understand. Everybody else believed her because EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether and so they know Madam Gazelle might be at the point where she'd want to retire.
* SurprisinglyGoodForeignLanguage: In "Pen Pal", Peppa gets a French pen pal who she also talks with on the phone and later meets. It transpires that Mommy Pig is fairly fluent in French. Daddy Pig claims to be, but is actually awful.
* TakeThat: In "International Day", the kids dress up like people from different countries. They start arguing. When Madame Gazelle asks if they think that actual countries behave like that, Peppa says "Don't they?"
* TemptingFate: Daddy Pig gives Mummy Pig a hard time about flipping pancakes too low. When he gets his chance, [[CeilingCling it gets stuck to the ceiling]].
* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: Every female character wears a dress. On the other hand, the boys have some sort of unspecified clothing... drawn as a simple round shape.
* ThemeTuneCameo:
** Peppa, her classmates and Daddy Pig play a lively rock-and-roll version of the theme tune in "Shake, Rattle and Bang" to end the episode. The same tune is then played over the closing credits.
** In the beginning of the episode "Whistling", Daddy Pig whistles the theme tune while he reads the newspaper. Peppa hears this and spends the entire episode trying to whistle (and getting dismayed by the fact everyone else can.) By the end of the episode, Peppa figures out how to whistle, and the tune she whistles is, of course, the theme tune, which is shortly {{lampshaded}} by Mummy Pig ("What a lovely tune!").
* ThroughAFaceFullOfFur: Rebecca Rabbit's face goes really red when blushing despite her fur, and she does it all the time.
* UnnamedParent: All of Peppa's adult relatives are like this. So '''everyone''' calls Peppa's father "Daddy Pig", even his wife, his coworkers and his own father-in-law.
* VerbalTic: Everyone. The Pigs snort after every other sentence, while friends of other species sometimes emit their best known sound.
* VitriolicBestBuds: Grandpa Pig and Grandad Dog. They're always bickering saying that each other's boats are old and rusty for a few seconds, but in the end they make up with the Narrator saying "Grandad Dog and Grandpa Pig are very best friends".
* WhatAreRecords: Averted. When Peppa and George find a record player in Granny and Grandpa's attic, both seem to immediately recognize what it's for and Peppa asks them to play the record that they found with it.
* YesVirginia: "Peppa’s Christmas" has Peppa and George meeting Santa. The others believe in Santa but they initially don't believe that the two got to see him.
* YouTalkTooMuch: Doctor Brown Bear implies this about Grandpa Rabbit. When he's called up because Grandpa Rabbit lost his voice, he first asks if that's a bad thing. Additionally, in "Chatterbox," when Suzy Sheep wants to tell Peppa about her day, but Peppa just keeps talking and talking instead, she tells Peppa "You talk too much. You go 'blah blah blah blah blah.' Just like that. 'Blah blah blah.'"