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A Creator/NickJr TV show (adapted from [[Literature/{{Olivia}} a series of children's books]]) starring a pig named Olivia and featuring her mother, her father, her brothers Ian and William (the baby brother), her dog Perry, her cat Edwin, and her friends Julian and Francine.

The show premiered on Nick Jr. in 2009, but has not aired any new material since 2013. Despite this, Simon & Schuster has been releasing a few new book releases based directly around material from the television show since around 2016.

In November of 2017, Creator/UniversalKids picked it up.

!!This show provides examples of:
* BarefootCartoonAnimal: The entire cast.
* CharacterTitle: The main character is Olivia, who is an anthropomorphic pig who lives with her family of pigs.
* FunnyAnimal: All of the show's main cast members, who are pigs. There is no other type of anthropomorphic animal on the show. They're of the type where their being pigs is almost entirely incidental - their behaviors, concerns and mannerisms are human.
%%* FurryEarDissonance: The pigs.
* HumanlikeFootAnatomy: Averted; the pigs walk on their hooves, like normal pigs do. Their "knees" (really their ankles) bend backward.
%%* InexplicablyTailless: The pigs.
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: Edwin and the other cats have eyes like real cats, but the pigs and other animals have vertical lines for eyes.
%%* OneSteveLimit: Averted in "The Two Olivias".
* TheQuietGame: In "Olivia and Her Alien Brother," when Olivia and Ian argue in the car on their way to the planetarium, Olivia's dad says they should try to see who can be quiet the longest. The game gets ruined because although they're quiet, they make faces at each other, which causes little brother William to cry, which causes Ian to speak to blame Olivia for doing it.
* SlidingScaleOfAnimalCommunication: Level 1 - only the FunnyAnimal pigs can talk.
* TheTeaser: A funny one is done before each episode.
* TinfoilHat: In "Olivia and Her Alien Brother," Olivia wears one and has her friend Julian do the same, under the mistaken impression that her "older bother" Ian is an alien studying intelligent life forms on Earth and plotting to get rid of all little sisters.
* TitleThemeTune: The theme tune is instrumental, with Olivia's name being sung / shouted out throughout the theme, in various inflections.
%%* WorldOfFunnyAnimals