Based on the children's book, ''Olive The Other Reindeer'' is a 45 minute animated ChristmasSpecial from 1999, produced by Creator/MattGroening and Creator/DrewBarrymore (who voices Olive), based on the 1997 book by Vivian Walsh and by J. Otto Seibold. It's about a dog named Olive who thinks she's a reindeer who makes a perilous journey to the North Pole to help SantaClaus fly his sleigh and [[SavingChristmas save Christmas]].

Along the way, she makes many friends and tries to avoid the schemes of the [[GoingPostal evil postman]]. Again and again, she is told that she is not a reindeer and that there is nothing she could possibly do to save Christmas, but [[HeroicSpirit her never-dying spirit]] eventually turns them around.

!!Olive The Other Reindeer provides examples of:
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* {{Adorkable}}: Olive. One-hundred percent.
* AllLowercaseLetters: While capitals appear fairly often, the font used throughout the movie lends itself to a lot of all-lowercase words.
* AntiChristmasSong: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BPqDveMHJ0 Bah, Bug and Hum!]]" by the Postman, complaining about how Christmas is constantly adding to his work load.
* AnimalAthleteLoophole: Sleigh-pulling is athletic, right? Well, there ain't no rule that flying-sled-pullers must be flying or reindeer or rather, as Olive puts it to Santa, "Can you afford not to find out?"
* AssInALionSkin: Olive is constantly trying to convince people she's a reindeer. No one believes her.
* BigBad: The Postman
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* BrickJoke: Round John mentions he wants a cordless drill for Christmas during Olive's speech in the bar. Olive mentions it during her appeal to Santa. [[spoiler: And the Postman finds it in Santa's sack]].
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* ClipArtAnimation: All the characters.
* CoatFullOfContraband: This is what Martini is doing at the start of the movie.
* ConspicuousCG: Subverted. Computer graphics used for entertainment were still in their infancy in 1999, but the ambitious 2D CGI "pop-up book" style has kept it from aging as poorly as some of it's contemporaries.
* CreepyCrossdresser: The Postman, for as long as he's wearing his "Flo the Waitress" disguise. (He still has the makeup and earrings on in the next scene, too.)
* DeadpanSnarker: Martini.
** The postman, too, especially during his VillainSong.
-->''Send a friend a two-ton gift,''
-->''I don't mind, I LOVE to lift!''
* DeusExMachina: While trapped in the postman's truck, Olive finds a package addressed to her from '[[LampshadeHanging Deus Ex Machina]]' which turns out to be just the thing to get Olive out of the truck.
-->'''Martini:''' Denise who?
* EasterBunny: One shows up in the bar.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: The Postman.
* EverythingsBetterWithPenguins: Martini.
* FreezeFrameBonus: All the letters shown during the Postman's AntiChristmasSong are addressed to [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Bart Simpson]].
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: The movie is packed with these. The bus station has routes to Mecca and Jerusalem as well as Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. A sign says "icicles MUST be SURRENDERED at door" in the Arctic Junction bar. And there are many more. Even the page picture has one.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Hoo boy! Smuggling (including dirty magazines), alcohol, and counterfeiting!
* TheGrinch: The Postman. He supposedly hates Christmas because it makes his job as a mail carrier harder and more painful, although it is also implied that he's mad at Santa for putting him on the naughty list.
* HeroicDog: Olive, of course.
* HonestJohnsDealership: Martini is a wheeler-and-dealer and at least something of a con man (er, con penguin), but essentially good-hearted.
* HumiliationConga: [[spoiler: The Postman gets defeated and left tied up in the back of his own truck. Martini then dresses him as a penguin and leaves him in the penguin enclosure at the zoo.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: The Postman.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Martini may be a cowardly, opportunistic sleaze but he can usually be counted on to do the right thing when it matters.
* LadyMondegreen: [[invoked]] The premise revolves around this. Olive gets the idea to go to the North Pole after hearing Santa saying that he needs to rely on "all of the other reindeer", and mishearing it as "Olive the other reindeer".
** The bus driver mentioned that he thought the pledge of allegiance was about him since his name was Richard Stands.
** Don't forget Round John Virgin.
* LargeHam: The Postman emotes more than everyone else combined. And this is no mean feat, since the other characters are far from DullSurprise.
** Olive has her moments too.
* MilkmanConspiracy: The Postman is trying to stop Christmas because the mail is too heavy around the holidays.
* NoNameGiven: The Postman. Most of the characters have names, but he's just called "the postman" or "that postman" or "a very mean postman".
* TheNoseKnows: Olive uses her [[ShapedLikeItself dog-like]] sense of smell to locate the postman after he steals all of Santa's presents.
** She later uses her nose to guide the sleigh through a fog to get back to the North Pole.
* PaperThinDisguise: The postman's waitress disguise. In particular, all he does to hide his mustache is hold a notepad in front of it. ''Everyone is fooled.''
* PoorCommunicationKills: Olive's flea Fido mishears her owner apologizing to her from outside her doghouse, so Olive believes Tim doesn't want her anymore (which "frees" her to run off to help Santa).
-->'''Fido:''' ''I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't heard it myself.''
* PunBasedTitle
* PunnyName: Several, mostly {{Mondegreen}}s.
** Olive The Other Reindeer/"All of the other reindeer"
** Richard Stands/"For Which It Stands"
** Round John Virgin/"Round Yon Virgin"
* SantaClaus: Not only does he exist, but everyone knows of his existence.
* SavingChristmas: Olive attempts to do this after Blitzen breaks his leg.
* ShoddyKnockoffProduct: Martini sells ripoff Rolexxx watches.
* ShoutOut: Quite a few.
** The bus passes through [[WesternAnimation/RockyAndBullwinkle Frostbite Falls]].
* SugarWiki/SweetDreamsFuel: To be expected from a Christmas special.
* TalkingAnimal: Every animal in the special can speak with humans, and although some are pets and others "work" in a zoo, animals are typically treated as regular people, for the most part.
** Though Olive is pressured into acting like a 'normal' dog, but at the same time it's similar to some parents encouraging a teen to go out and make friends. For better or worse.
* TitleDrop: No fewer than five times, Olive says she's "Olive, the other reindeer".
* ThisIsReality: "There's no WesternAnimation/{{Rudolph|TheRedNosedReindeer}}; that's just one of those urban legends".
* VerbThis: "Deliver this, punk!" Martini throws a paper airplane into the mailman's ear.
* VillainBar: {{Subverted|Trope}}; the song is even titled ''We're Not So Bad''.
* VillainSong: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BPqDveMHJ0 Bah, Bug and Hum!]]"
* WhatTheHellIsThatAccent: Quite a few characters, including the Postman, have weird [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhotic_and_non-rhotic_accents non-rhotic]] accents that sound sort of like they're making a half-assed attempt at a British accent, or a Boston one.