[[caption-width-right:323:Who says villains can't [[RottenRockAndRoll rock out]]?]]
->''"What's the point of being bad when there's no good to try and stop you?"''
-->-- '''Megamind'''

What happens when you take the {{Franchise/Superman}} mythos and give the point of view (and ultimate victory) to ComicBook/LexLuthor[=/=]Brainiac instead? That question can finally be put to rest.

In the GenreSavvy world of spoof superheroes, Megamind, [[CardCarryingVillain the greatest villain in the world]], is locked in an eternal battle against the seemingly [[ParodyStu invincible and perfect]] Metro Man. However, in their last confrontation over Megamind's go-to DamselInDistress, Roxanne, he finally ([[TheGoodGuysAlwaysWin and surprisingly]]) manages to kill his ArchNemesis.

After initially gloating over his victory, Megamind soon realizes that his [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor greatest wish]] has in reality become his worst nightmare: [[AndThenWhat he had no real plans]] [[AntagonistInMourning for what to do]] after he had gotten rid of Metro Man. It was the battle he found ultimately fulfilling, not the reward. Besides, as it turns out, being completely free to wreak ultimate havoc quickly gets [[VictoryIsBoring really, really boring]].

To snap himself out of his funk and get his super-villain career back on track, he creates a ''new'' superhero, Titan, to be his replacement nemesis. But things don't turn out as planned - to put it mildly - and before long, it's up to the bad guy to stop his heroic creation before it is too late.

Not to be confused with ''VideoGame/MegaMan'' (despite the protagonist's blue-ness as well as the fact that the [[HeelFaceTurn villain's]] name is "''Mega'' Mind" and the hero's name is "Metro ''[[SomethingPerson Man]]''").
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