For generations, the Hatter family screened movies, not realising that the book known as the Chronicles were releasing the villains into another dimension known as the Multiverse. Defeating those villains became the duty of the Hatter family, but after Alfred Hatter got imprisoned by [[BigBad Lord Tenoroc]] (Kevin Eldon), it is up to his grandson, [[KidHero Matt Hatter]] (Tommy Campbell), to take up this duty. To help him, he is joined by [[ActionGirl Roxie]] (Larissa Murray), a Tracker and [[TheSmartGuy Gomez]] (Marcel [=McCalla=]), a Keeper.


* BigNo: One of the villains gave this when he realised that he gained eternal life [[spoiler: only to spend it in prison]].
* BitchInSheepsClothing: One of the villains has a cute little girl form to gain the trust of the heroes. Her true form is far uglier, just like her personality.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: At least two villains were defeated this way.
** Minotaur: [[spoiler: Tricked into charging into his own energy draining wall]].
** Jekyll/Hyde: [[spoiler: Hyde was lured by the trio into a trap set by Jekyll]].
* JustAKid: What Matt first met Roxie and Gomez in the first episode, Roxie was dissapointed to learn the new Hatter Hero was just a kid when they were expecting Matt's dad. Gomez then points out that they are kids too.
* [[spoiler: MistreatmentInducedBetrayal: Captain Lightning was perfectly willing to serve Tenoroc, but when the plan was very close to succeeding, Tenoroc verbally abused Captain Lightning, calling him weak and saying that he got lucky when he defeated Matt and admitting that he might not even survive the plan. Matt used the situation to turn Captain Lightning against Tenoroc]].
* InstantCostumeChange: happens to Matt every time he travels to the multiverse.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: One time, Matt managed to escape Zombie Boss because Tenoroc used a Spatter trap giving Matt a way out of the zombie horde, to Tenoroc's great anger.
* SealedEvilInACan: Lord Tenoroc is stuck in a prison realm because of Alfred.
* SealedGoodInACan: Alfred is also imprisoned somewhere because of Lord Tenoroc.
* TheStarscream: A few of the villains Matt, Roxie and Gomez had to stopped had dreams of overthrowing Lord Tenoroc.
** The Vampire villain, Count Venom, is an example.
** So is Zombie Boss.
* VillainOfTheWeek: All are minions of Tenoroc. And all have to be stopped by the heroes.
* YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe: Out of all the stuff Gomez is scared of, his worst fear is ''giant mushrooms''. The Minotaur who learns this has this reaction and leaves Gomez alone in disgust.