[[caption-width-right:288:[=JoJo=] and Goliath]]

->''Hey, everyone, it's time for ''[=JoJo=]'s Circus'' [=JoJo=]! ''[=JoJo=]'s Circus''! / Get on your feet, we're gonna have some some fun!''

''[=JoJo=]'s Circus'' was a stop-motion animated series that aired in its original run on [[Creator/DisneyChannel Playhouse Disney]] from 2003-2007. The series was created and otherwise worked on by many of the same people who created shows like ''WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}'' and ''WesternAnimation/PBAndJOtter'', including Jim Jinkins and Eric Weiner. The series revolved around a young clown girl named [=JoJo=] who attended clown school with her pet lion Goliath. In each episode, she learned various aesops that might be of interest to children while also learning how to be a good clown. The show had a heavy focus on promoting exercise and physical activity. This focus was further emphasized in the briefly-lived spin-off short-form series ''Feelin' Good with [=JoJo=]''. The show was popular enough to spawn two music albums and some of the other songs were released on a Playhouse Disney music album. There were only two DVD releases, but repeats of the program are now aired daily on Disney Junior, the 24/7 network that replaced Playhouse Disney. The main character's name is officially spelled in CamelCase. Which, yes, requires extra formatting to display properly on this wiki, but it's important to be correct.

Is ''not'' to be confused with ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure''.

!''[=JoJo=]'s Circus'' features examples of

* AnAesop: In each episode, and at the end, [=JoJo=] is pulled in the "Spotlight Moment" and asked to say what she learned.
* AllAnimalsAreDogs: Goliath is a lion and even has some degree of sentience, despite being [=JoJo=]'s pet. Despite this, he sometimes makes barking or yipping noises and does other dog-like things.
* AnthropomorphicFood: The Spudinskis, who are sentient ''potatoes''
* ArgumentOfContradictions: In "Hop Hooey," Trina and Croaky have a rapid-fire series of these over a trivial problem in a game before doing the "infinity times a kazillion and one" thing and then squaring off against each other and not talking to each other. [=JoJo=], however, solves things by teaching them a trick she learned from her parents to calm herself down when she's angry.
* BananaPeel: [=JoJo=]'s parents attend a club in which one of the things they do for fun is slipping on banana peels. They ''are'' clowns, after all.
* BathsAreFun: In one installment, there was a song called "Bathtime" (also released on one of the show's soundtrack albums) in which the star character and her pet lion Goliath sing about how much fun bathtime is.
* CartoonJuggling: Skeebo is shown juggling in the show's opening sequence.
* CheerfulChild: [=JoJo=] herself. It's not that she never sad or angry, but it rarely lasts long and she tends to default towards cheerful.
* ChristmasEpisode and HalloweenEpisode: Both of these were done - "A Circus Town Christmas" and "The Legend of Clownfoot".
* CircusBrat: [=JoJo=] is the daughter of two famous clowns, and is a clown herself.
* EdutainmentShow: With a focus on promoting exercise and physical activity, but also including aesops, pro-social values and general learning
* EverythingsBetterWithRainbows: One of the show's stories had the characters chasing a rainbow and dancing a rainbow dance.
* EverybodyLaughsEnding: Quite commonplace with this show.
* ExpressiveEars: Dinky the elephant has these.
* FakeInteractivity: One of the show's main thrusts is trying to get kids up and moving, and this is done by having [=JoJo=] and sometimes Goliath as the designated [[FourthWallObserver Fourth Wall Observers]] directly encourage the viewers to move along with the exercises or dances the characters were doing. This was continued in the short series follow-up ''Feelin' Good with [=JoJo=]''.
* FantasticFlora: The itchy ootchy scratch plants are basically a fast-acting fantastic flora version of poison ivy. When [[=JoJo=] and Skeebo fall into a patch of these, they start itching all over.
* FriendlyTickleTorture
** [=JoJo=]'s family's surname is "Tickle," this is played with in one episode when she's trying to get Goliath to go to bed and she sings "Little Goliath's going to sleep / Let's tickle his ears and the tops of feet..." In fact, this is actually part of both [=JoJo=] and Goliath's normal bedtime routine, except that it's Mr. Tickle who normally sings it to them while doing the tickling.
** In another episode, [=JoJo=]'s teacher, Mrs. Kersplatski, decides to roll call everyone by saying their last names first. Of course, this leads to [=JoJo=]'s best friend Skeebo tickling her, since her name "Tickle, [=JoJo=]" sounded like an instruction.
* HiccupHijinks: This was done with Skeebo in "Hiccup Helpers."
* LionsAndTigersAndHumansOhMy: With various types of anthro characters - see SlidingScaleOfAnthropomorphism below.
* NiceHat: Balboa and [=JoJo=]
* NonIronicClown: [=JoJo=] and her family, and some of the other characters.
* PlotAllergy: [=JoJo=] has a plot allergy to merryberries, a type of berry [[FantasticFlora found only within the show's setting of Circus Town]]. In "Tickled Pink," [=JoJo=] eats some merryberries, which causes her nose to swell and honk and her skin to turn pink and tingly. Fortunately, she visits her friendly family doctor, Skeebo's mother Dr. Seltzer, who gives her an easy cure - to pat her tummy and rub her nose, then rub her tummy and give her nose a pat. The [[AnAesop moral]] of the story is "''So if you feel low / If you feel sad / If allergies make you feel real bad / For upset tummies or aching heads / Listen to your doctor and do what she says / If you wanna get better / Listen to your doctor and do what she says.''" Also "If you are allergic to a food, never eat it because it can make you really, really sick, and don't be afraid to tell someone if you have an allergy."
* {{Sleepyhead}}: Tater can nod off at a moment's notice and her bedtime routine involves a count to three. She never makes it past three.
* SliceOfLife: Generally slice of life, though with some attempt to work in a theme or morals
* SlidingScaleOfAnthropomorphism: Most of the animal characters seem to fall somewhere between FunnyAnimal and CivilizedAnimal. Goliath the lion is more-or-less a TalkingAnimal and is even referred to by [=JoJo=] as her "pet lion," but he goes to clown school with her and seems to be generally sentient, even able to talk to a limited degree.
* TitleThemeTune: "[=JoJo=], [=JoJo's=] Circus..."
* AWeightyAesop: A big part of the show, but in one case the Spudinskis become literal couch potatoes (as in, rooted to their couches), and have to be encouraged to exercise.