Jibber Jabber (link to the main site [[http://www.jibberjabber.tv/ here]]) is a Canadian CGI animated series that premiered in 2008. The premise of the show is fraternal twins Jibber and Jabber use their wild imaginations to embark on the kind of imagination-induced adventures every child has, in their backyard. Then the perspective switches to the point of view of their dog, Jelly Roll, and their older sister, Jessica, reminding them that ThisIsReality.

The series is also infamous due to the main characters being [[UncannyValley quite creepy]].

No relation to Creator/MrT, sadly.

!!This show provides examples of:

* AlphabeticalThemeNaming
* ButtMonkey: Jessica.
* TheFaceless: Jibber, Jabber and Jessica's parents.
* TheIgor: Several fantasies involve Jibber and 'Dr. Jibberstein' with Jabber as his loyal hunchbacked assistant 'Jabgor'.
* ItRunsOnNonsensoleum: Every fantasy occurs until either their sister or the dog pop them off.
* MrImagination: Times two.
* OurMonstersAreDifferent
* ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything
* TheVoice: The parents again.
* [[WidgetSeries Wicket Series]]