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''Jana of the Jungle'' was created by Doug Wildey, of ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuest'' fame, as part of ''WesternAnimation/TheGodzillaPowerHour''. Jana, voiced by Creator/BJWard, roams the rainforests of South America in search of her lost father. She is aided by Montaro and Dr. Ben Cooper, as well as two {{Non Human Sidekick}}s: Ghost the albino jaguar and Tiko the [[strike:coatimundi]] yapok. Jana's collar doubles as a sharp-edged throwable weapon which could—among other things—cut vines and [[AbsurdlySharpBlade bore holes through cave walls]]. Montaro wields the equally potent Staff of Power that can cause earthquake-like shockwaves when it strikes the ground.

Jana also made a cameo appearance on ''WesternAnimation/YogisSpaceRace''.
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* EarthyBarefootCharacter: Jana is always barefoot.
** Montaro, for some reason, wears high boots.
* FilmFelons: In "The Animal Snatchers", a gang of poachers tried to cover up their operation by posing as a documentary film crew. They later caught Jana in a snare, causing her to drop her collar, and abducted Ghost.
* HeroicAlbino: Ghost is an animal version.
* JunglePrincess: Jana, of course. She fits many of the classic requirements: she's a young American woman who has been stranded in the jungle since childhood, has bonded with the local tribespeople and animals, and protects her home from a variety of threats.
%%* LadyLand: "Race for Life"
* MagicalNativeAmerican: Montaro had shades of this, but was (obviously) a rarer South American version.
%%* NatureHero: Jana.
* NitroExpress: The series had an oil well fire episode. The bits that weren't out of ''Film/TheWagesOfFear'' were out of ''Film/RoosterCogburn'' (with modifications; this is a kids' show, so no one gets so much as a nasty boo-boo).
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* RingsOfDeath: PlayedWith. While Jana's collar is sharp enough to double as this type of weapon, she never throws it at people or animals.
* SeldomSeenSpecies: Yapok. Even if Tiko ''were'' a coatimundi, it'd still qualify.
* VineSwing: One of the ways Jana travels around the jungle.
* TheXOfY: The series title.