''James Bond Jr.'' is a SixtyFiveEpisodeCartoon that ran from 1991 to 1992 and featured Franchise/JamesBond's nephew as the main protagonist. James Junior is secretly following in his Uncle James' footsteps (despite Creator/IanFleming's [[Literature/JamesBond character]] being an only child; he may well be a descendant of James' Aunt Charmain) while attending a private boarding school. The theme song even alludes to this by mentioning that "he learned the game from his uncle James".

In his adventures, James battles the evil organization, SCUM which is made up of many of his uncle's former foes including Dr. No, Oddjob, [[Film/TheSpyWhoLovedMe Jaws]], [[Film/TheManWithTheGoldenGun Nick Nack]] and many others, with help of his friends from school.

The basic idea of the series seems to derive from the novel ''003½: The Adventures of James Bond Junior'' (1967), a licensed spin-off of the James Bond series of novels. The novel was supposed to be the first of a spin-off novel series but nothing came of it. Harry Saltzman, co-producer of the Bond films from 1962 to 1974, had reportedly considered adapting the novel in a television series. But these plans were aborted by the early [[TheSeventies 1970s]], This animated series revived the concept of a nephew for Bond, and was at least moderately successful. (The novel and the series, it should be noted, have nothing in common other than the title.)


* AnimatedAdaptation
* BondJamesBond: Being the [[TropeNamer Trope Namer's]] nephew and named after him, James does it at least once.
* ButtMonkey: Trevor Noseworthy IV.
* {{Catchphrase}}: "Danger lurks within every shadow."
* CoolCar: First the Aston Martin DB-5, followed by the "Aston Super Ultra."
* DaddysLittleVillain: Goldfinger's daughter, Goldie.
* DinnerOrderFlub: In one episode, Trevor Noseworthy takes a girl to a restaurant and orders a meal in French. On his first attempt he orders a live lobster. When the focus returns to him after cutting to Bond Jr.'s adventures for a while, Trevor's finally managed to order ''something'' edible in French - a cheese sandwich.
* ExpositoryThemeTune: The theme song helpfully informs us that "he learned the game from his uncle James" and "James Bond Jr. chases S.C.U.M. around the world".
* {{Expy}}: S.C.U.M., a stand-in for S.P.E.C.T.R.E. from the films.
* FunWithAcronyms: S.C.U.M. '''S'''aboteurs and '''C'''riminals '''U'''nited in '''M'''ayhem.
* GirlOfTheWeek: Which part of "he learned the game from his uncle James" you didn't get?
** Furthermore, many of them had PunnyNames (albeit puns that are a hell of a lot more appropriate for children), such as [[BilingualBonus "Marcie Beaucoup"]], or [[Film/TheWizardOfOz "Ruby Slippers"]].
* KidAnova
* LovesOnlyGold: The series featured both Goldfinger, and his daughter Goldie Finger who shares her father's obsession with gold.[[note]]Even though the original Auric Goldfinger had died in [[Film/{{Goldfinger}} the movie he appeared in]].[[/note]]
* MeaningfulName: Naturally, being based on the Bond films, half the villains have these. For example, a pirate named ''Walker D. Plank''.
* MotiveDecay: Goldfinger's scams in the show revolved entirely around stealing gold for himself despite the fact that his goal in ''Film/{{Goldfinger}}'' was to make his gold more ''valuable'' by inducing scarcity via irradiating the Fort Knox reserves. In fact, "Goldie's Gold Heist" was essentially a ''reversal'' of the plot of ''Goldfinger'' where he and his daughter use a device to make gold ''look'' radioactive in order to scare people away and steal it!
** Of course, in the Fleming novel, Goldfinger's plan was to steal the gold and the nuclear device was to be used to crack the vault.
* MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels: Trevor Noseworthy's attempt to order lunch at a French restaurant results in him being delivered a live lobster.
* NebulousEvilOrganisation: S.C.U.M.
* {{Nephewism}}
* OffModel: Much like Fred Wolf's [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987 other cartoon]], airing at the same time, this got it '''''bad''''' between a mixture of multiple animation studios[[note]]Creator/HongYing, Creator/PhilippineAnimationStudioInc, Amisong, ITT Production, Creator/WangFilmProductions and Creator/VargaStudio (both of whom also worked on ''Turtles'', the only ones to do so)[[/note]] and a really low budget.
* PinkMeansFeminine: Goldie wears a pink top and pink pants under her yellow coat.
* APirate400YearsTooLate: Captain Walker D. Plank
* PirateParrot: Captain Walker D. Plank. Even his parrot has an eyepatch and a wooden leg.
* PreppyName: Trevor Noseworthy IV.
* ReversePolarity: IQ reverses the polarity all the time. He once took control of the bad guy's helicopter with a simple remote control and some polarity reversal.
* SayMyNameTrailer
* SinsOfOurFathers: At least two girls in the series fit this trope. In the episode "Never Lose Hope", Warfield Academy got a new science teacher whose father had been kidnapped by S.C.U.M. to use one of the father's inventions for evil. James Senior infiltrated the base where her father was held and destroyed it and apparently her father died as well. Heartbroken over the loss of her father and wanting to make James Senior know how she felt, she went after James Junior. [[spoiler: It was later revealed that her father [[DeathFakedForYou was not dead]] but under a protection program]]. In "Appointment in Macau", James befriended Lily Mai, whose father was one of the heads of the Raven Triad and whom Dr. No kidnapped because of his grudge against the Raven Triad. [[spoiler:Actually, he was [[TheMole a mole]] working for the Interpol but not even Lily knew that]].
* SpinOffspring: Not only the titular character is James Bond's nephew, he also has friends who are related to some of James Bond's allies. I.Q. is Q's grandson; Gordo is Felix Leiter's son. Not to mention that one of his foes is Goldfinger's daughter, Goldie.
* SpoiledBrat: Trevor Noseworthy IV
* SurferDude: Gordo Leiter
* TeenSuperspy
* WeAllLiveInAmerica: Despite his accent, Bond's fashion sense is distinctly American, as is his vocabulary and the way "Junior" is abbreviated.[[note]]"Jr." instead of "Jnr."[[/note]] A "prep school" is far more likely to be called a "public school" in the UK, and "gym class" is typically called "P.E." ("Physical Education")[[note]]Which is also used in American schools.[[/note]]. These are just examples from the first five minutes of the first episode; one could probably give this trope its own full page for this work.
* WhyWereBummedCommunismFell: In ''The Eiffel Missle'', Dr Derange intends to fire a nuclear missile from France at Russia so that France will be blamed and "Perestroika will go up in a cloud of nuclear smoke!"
* YellowPeril: Dr. No, ''far'' more than in the original despite now having ''[[{{Bowdlerize}} green skin]]'', just like the Ming in ''WesternAnimation/DefendersOfTheEarth'' and the Mandarin in the later ''WesternAnimation/IronMan'' cartoon.