[[caption-width-right:180:[-They may not know how to laugh, but the Yuks/Kruds sure build a fine war-frog.-] ]]

->''"I hope that hurt, and not just slightly. Now time for home and cheesy toasties."''
-->-- '''Captain Roderick Drumsturdy'''

''Please note that there are two significantly different dubs of this program from the original French. In this article names and references to the more faithful US dub are before the / and the UK dub after it.''

''Insektors'' is a 1994 French [[AllCGICartoon CGI]] animated TV series (actually [[UrExample the first TV series to be fully CGI]]) about a conflict between two different tribes of anthropomorphic insects. The tribes are the Joyces/Verigreens, who are brightly coloured and airborne, and the Yuks/Kruds, who are fixated on keeping their furnaces burning to survive. It was made by a small French studio called Fantome, and it received the 1994 of the "Children and Young People" Emmy award.

There are two different English-language dubs; an American one and a British one. The American dub is far more faithful to the original scripts, but has been criticized for treating its audience like morons unable to understand subtle dialogue. The UK dub, on the other hand, changed some names, dialogue, and characterization to make a more comedic tone. A good example of the stylistic difference is that in the French and American version the frog mechs are called "Koa the Frog" or "Koas", while in the British dub that is translated to "Stereoscopic Hydrolic Amphibious Personnel Relocation Units" or for short, "Frogbuckets".

Although the two sides are at war, all the weapons are non-lethal. The Joyces/Verigreens fire globs of colour to make their enemies laugh and dance, while the Yuk/Krud weapons fire darker globs that the American dub identifies as "coal juice". Either way, combatants are taken out of action until restored at their base.

An recurring theme is that the Yuk/Krud way of life is ultimately futile, as they get their fuel from chopping down flowers (they are the size of trees relative to the cast), which will eventually run out due to the voracious way that the Yuks/Kruds insist on burning through them.

While more or less the same tropes are used in each adaptation, their execution differs regularly.
!!''Insektors'' provide example of the following tropes:

* AccentAdaptation: Mostly for regions of America/The UK. More noticeable and varied in the UK dub. They made Lukanus Japanese.
* AdaptationalNameChange: The UK dub changes the names for everyone and everything.
* AmazonBrigade: The Dragonflys, who act as colour bombers (and apparently the entire Joyce/Verigreen army).
* BadIsGoodAndGoodIsBad: The US Dub gives this trait to the Yuks, with Kretinus in particular prone to waxing poetically on how drab and depressing things are. The very second episode has Queen Bakrakra waxing happily over an abysmally tuneless rendition of "Happy Birthday" (here "Sinister Birthday") accompanied by inept percussion music and being delighted with Krabo's ugly statue of her.
* DeadpanSnarker: Teknocratus in the US dub, the royal herald (and much more so) in the UK dub.
* EvilIsDeathlyCold: Played with; Bakrakra/Catheter III is always freezing cold, to the point her personal chambers are depicted with flickering flames like the interior of a furnace, and her demand to be kept warm and toasty fuels the Yuk/Krud war against the Joyces/Verigreens.
* EvilPrince: Inverted in Acylius/Maximillian, who is a Yuk/Krud who despises the Yuk/Krud lifestyle and only becomes more obsessed with escaping them to live amongst the Joyces/Verigreens after actually meeting them.
* GreenAesop: Good guys spend their time cultivating flowers, playing music (which aside from General Lukanus/Wasabi's terrible percussion the bad guys hate) and enjoying life. Bad guys spend their time logging forests and being depressed. Due to the overall plot and believability of how the Yuks/Kruds adopted this stance however it avoids being {{Anvilicious}}.
* FacelessGoons: Both sides, probably as a time and cost saving measure. Unless you have a name you are a small beetle if a Yuk/Krud and a bee is a Joyce/Verigreen.
* FiveBadBand
** BigBad -- Queen Bakrakra/Catheter's Prime Minister Lord Krabo/ Draffsack. Mostly avoids VillainDecay on the very reasonable grounds that [[SurroundedByIdiots his agents are the ones who mess up, not him.]]
** TheDragon -- Commander of the Yuk/Krud army General Lukanus/Wasabi.
** EvilGenius -- Her Majesty's chief engineer Teknocratus/Synapse.
** TheBrute -- General Krabouic/Captain Roderick Drumsturdy, with his own Dragon General Kaboche/Corporal Stanley Greeb.
** TheLoad -- Corporal Kretinus/Fugg. [[UltimateJobSecurity Why, in a dystopian absolute monarchy, does he still have a job?]]
** TokenGoodTeammate -- Prince Acylius/Maximillian.
** GreaterScopeVillain -- Queen Bakrakra/Catheter herself.
* FiveManBand: The roles change a bit story by story.
* GreekChorus: The Guards/Methane Brothers
* HappilyAdopted: Fulgor/Flynn.
* HumongousMecha: The Yuk/Kruds Koa the Frog/Sterioscopic Hydrolic Amphibious Personal Relocation Unit (a.k.a. "Frogbucket").
* ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy: The Yuks/Kruds, also Fulgor/Flynn in some episodes.
* {{Mordor}}: The Yuk/Krub hive.
* MundaneUtility: The Joyce/Verigreen hero's weapon is a guitar that shoots colour, meaning that when payed it provides its own fireworks. Most of the big Yuk/Krud weapons were in fact designed as logging equipment.
* PostModernMagick: In the US dub, at least, Fulgor's father is as much a sorcerer as he is a scientist and that is why he can create wonders like Gallopus. He's also a mechanic who is able to shoot lightning from his fingertips, as Fulgor gets a rather painful demonstration in the final episode.
* StrangeBedfellows: One dual-parter episode involved the two sides teaming up to destroy an asteroid that would cause TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.
* StupidEvil[=/=]TooDumbToLive: In the above-mentioned StrangeBedfellows episode, Lord Krabo sabotages the asteroid-busting energy-blaster so it is instead locked onto the Flower City, in hopes of ending the war in favor of the Yuks once and for all. Completely ignoring that if the asteroid isn't blown up, they'll be dead.
* {{Technobabble}}: Teknocratus does a bit of this but for Synapse it is his primary mode of communication (See HumongousMecha).
* TheNapoleon: Lord Krabo
* TheReveal: Several, over the course of the series:
** [[spoiler: Yuks and Joyces are the same people; Joyces are descended from Yuks who touched an alien artefact and chose to renounce the lifeless, dreary existence of perpetually digging for coal to instead devote themselves to life amongst nature, filling their existence with music and color.]]
** [[spoiler: Fulgore/Flynn isn't a Joyce but a Yuk who was reared by Joyces after being left amongst them as a baby in Gallopus' compartment.]]
** [[spoiler: Fulgore's father is the previous Chief Engineer of the Yuks, Eurekas, and he's still alive; he's merely been trapped deep underground in a cave complex since a failed attempt to defect from the Yuks.]]