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''I Got A Rocket'' is an UsefulNotes/EmmyAward winning kids tv show airing on Creator/{{Kabillion}}. Simply put, like ''WesternAnimation/TheMarvelousMisadventuresOfFlapjack'' was about how ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants'' [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs made on drugs]], this series has quite a ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents''-esque feeling, only it's... weirder.

On his 12th birthday Preteen Vinnie Q gets the best present ever- a live, talking robot! He and his [[NamesTheSame new rocket, called Rocket]] become best buds and embark on a number of crazy schemes along with Vinnie's two other friends Gabby and Rainbow. Together they form the July Club as all three kids were born in July. However trouble comes in the form of the three school bullies-known as The Duckies- who would do anything to get Rocket for themselves and are always happy to give Vinnie a wedgie.

!!Tropes include:
* AbhorrentAdmirer: Frankie Duckie has a crush on Vincent to his dismay.
%%* TheChick: Gabby.
* CoolCar: Crystal built herself her own talking car.
%%* DevilInPlainSight: The Duckies.
* DotingParent: Ma Duckie dotes on her three kids. But woe betide anyone else...
%%* DudeLooksLikeALady: Rainbow.
* GadgeteerGenius: It seems Crystal got the "science gene" from her dad, not Vinnie. But Professor Q hardly notices this and spends most of his time with Vinnie.
%%* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: this series is a joint between Taffy (Moonscoop), [[{{Radar/CodeLyoko}} which gave us]] ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'', and {{Creator/Nickelodeon}}. This trope is ''a given.''
%%* GratuitousNinja
* HiddenDepths: Scuds Duckie reveals to Vincent that he can actually speak eloquently and dislikes being a bully. However he gets so nervous around peoplw that his normal way of talking and bullying are how he copes.
* HippieTeacher: Vice-Principal Stern. This makes him the ButtMonkey for several of the show's gags.
%%* IdiotHero
* IWasQuiteALooker: Ma Duckie, as seen when Vinnie, Rocket and Gabby end up back in the 50s in "I Got a Remote".
* JerkAss: The Duckies of course, but Vinnie is no stranger to the trope. It is amazing how he still has friends after some of the stunts he pulls.
* LargeHam: Vincent Q, we're looking at you. Prone to long speeches about his and Rocket's new motivations-Every.Single.Episode.
%%* LocalHangout
* NewJobAsThePlotDemands: Ma Duckie seems to work wherever she can spoil her kids and inconvenience Vinnie.
%%* NonHumanSidekick: The titular Rocket.
* NoIndoorVoice: Frankie Duckie has a voice that grates the ears.
%%* OnlySaneMan: Gabby and Crystal.
* {{Pirate}}: ...[[ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything Though they don't act as such.]]
%%* PowerTrio
%%* {{Tsundere}}: Frankie Duckie.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Nobody ever comments on a talking rocket coming to school everyday...
%%* TheUnfavourite
* VulgarHumor: [[InvokedTrope invoked]] in an episode, where the most [[NauseaFuel disgu]][[{{Squick}} sting]] and vulgar student would get a free vacation on a luxury cruiser, where he/she would be taught good manners. [[IdiotPlot Obviously,]] [[HilarityEnsues Vincent only hears about the "luxury cruiser" part.]]
* WorkOffTheDebt: When Vinnie gets stuck paying the Duckie's diner bill, he doesn't have enough cash and ends up washing dishes.
%%* ZanyScheme