''Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown'' is a 2011 ''{{ComicStrip/Peanuts}}'' hour-long special released by Warner Premiere DirectToVideo, though it has since aired on television.

It adapts and intertwines several comic strip arcs from TheSixties, the overarching one that of Linus trying to give up his security blanket before his grandmother, who is against a boy his age carrying something childish around, arrives for a visit in a week.

It was the first ''Peanuts'' special in five years (the 45th in the total lineup) and the first produced without the leadership of Charles Schulz, Lee Mendelson Productions, or Bill Melendez. Instead, it's produced by Creator/WarnerBros and Wildbrain, and animated off-shore by Creator/YearimProductions in UsefulNotes/SouthKorea. Eschewing UsefulNotes/TheMillenniumAgeOfAnimation's tendencies towards computer-assisted animation, it is animated in hand-drawings on paper with hand-painted backgrounds and a piano soundtrack composed by Music/MarkMothersbaugh, meant to evoke the 1960's/'70s animated specials/movies as well as Music/VinceGuaraldi's scores from the earliest specials.

[[ComicStrip/PearlsBeforeSwine Stephan Pastis]] co-wrote the script.


!!This special provides examples of:

* AsTheGoodBookSays
* TheCameo: Character cameos, to be specific. When Snoopy scans the neighborhood in imitiation of a vulture, recurring character Frieda is briefly glimpsed along with her cat Faron. Early regulars Shermy, Violet and Patty have their first speaking roles in decades, Shermy even appearing in a flashback directly based on the very first ''Peanuts'' strip.
* ContinuityReboot: For the original run of ''{{Peanuts}}'' animated adaptations. Adapting material from the strip that had previously been incorporated into the franchise's SaturdayMorningCartoon and the special ''It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown'' in TheEighties, it focuses on the core cast of the strip as it stood in TheSixties (Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroder, Sally, and Snoopy), scales back Snoopy's SpotlightStealingSquad and {{Slapstick}} tendencies (as well as having him walk on all fours), doesn't try to be [[WereStillRelevantDammit "relevant"]], and has sharper humor and a quieter, more melancholy tone than post-''WesternAnimation/SnoopyComeHome'' adaptations did. It also disregards the strip and specials' ArtEvolution in favor of using the character and background designs from TheSixties, though it keeps the voice acting style and jazz scoring forever linked to the franchise.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: Snoopy provides a few, as does Charlie Brown.
* HopelessSuitor: Sally constantly tries to woo her "sweet babboo" Linus, and Lucy tries to do the same to Schroeder.
* MythologyGag: One of the clips shown when Charlie Brown thinks about his insecurities is an exact recreation of [[http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/peanuts/images/8/82/19501002.gif/revision/latest?cb=20100325201608 the very first ''Peanuts'' strip.]]
* NoMatterHowMuchIBeg: Linus tries this, giving Charlie Brown his blanket and telling him to hang onto it and not give it back no matter what... only to discover that Charlie Brown unceremoniously gives him the blanket back at the first hint of pleading.
* TheNoseKnows: Linus spends a vast amount of time trying to find his blanket after Lucy buries it. Snoopy just sniffs around for a few seconds and is able to dig it up almost immediately.
* PetTheDog: Or perhaps a case of Dog Pets You -- Snoopy, after having spent most of the special trying to snatch Linus's blanket, immediately gives it to him after finding it. Of course, he's right back to trying to steal it afterwards.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: At the climax, Linus is finally fed up with his friends' demands of giving up his blanket and proceeds to give them a speech about how everyone is insecure.
* RecycledPlot: The 1980's special "It's An Adventure, Charlie Brown!" involved a similar storyline.
* SecurityBlanket: Linus's trope-naming blanket -- what the main story revolves around.
* SliceOfLife: Just like the comic strip it's adapting.