[[caption-width-right:350:"Hello, I'm Jess! Come and guess with me!"]]

''Guess with Jess'' is a British/Canadian educational programme for toddlers featuring Jess from ''WesternAnimation/PostmanPat'' as the central character. Set at Greendale Farm, the series explores Jess' interaction with his friends as they discover the world around them. To date two [=DVD=]s have been released: ''Exploring Winter Wonders'' and ''Spring Surprises'' and another, ''Sunny Day Discoveries'' is coming soon. These have not been released commercially in the United States, but are available at some libraries.
!!This show contains examples of:
* AllCGICartoon
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Jess does this regularly.
* CoolHorse / SapientSteed: Willow
* CuteKitten: Jess
* FakeInteractivity: Used by Jess to quiz the viewers
* FemaleFelineMaleMutt: Inverted.
* PreciousPuppies: Joey and Jinx
* NoAntagonist: The show focuses around Jess and his friends exploring the farm.
* ShortRunner / BritishBrevity - only lasted 52 episodes split across 2 seasons. There has been no new episode since 2010.
* SugarBowl: Greendale Farm is this.
* SuddenlyVoiced: Jess.
* SpinOff: Spun-off from ''PostmanPat''
* TalkingAnimal: The eight main characters are this. Which comes out a little strange as Jess does not talk in Postman Pat.
* TitleThemeTune: We're gonna Guess, Guess, Guess; Guess With Jess!
** ThatRemindsMeOfASong: Seldom. For the first 52 episodes, only around 13 episodes have songs in them.