''Goober and the Ghost Chasers'' was a show by Creator/HannaBarbera that aired on Creator/{{ABC}} in the early 1970s. Goober, voiced by Creator/PaulWinchell, is a dog who becomes invisible when he is scared. His human companions are Ted and Tina, reporters for ''Ghost Chaser'' magazine, and Gillie, their reckless photographer. While often compared to ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDoo'' for operating on similar premises, several things that were in this show that were not in earlier Scooby incarnations later became a part of the Scooby incarnations.

UsefulNotes/WiltChamberlain and Michael Grey were guests in one episode each, and the kids from ''Series/ThePartridgeFamily'' appeared in a several others.

!!''Goober and the Ghost Chasers'' provides examples of:
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Gillie, Ted and Tina, respectively.
* CatchPhrase: Goober's "This is ridic-ilic-ilic-ilous!"
* CoolCar: Or Cool thing they drive in this case. If any case it looks more like a tank.
** The Partridge Bus also appears in a few episodes.
* CrossOver: Goober and company cross over with guest stars in most of their episodes, mostly with the Partridge Family. Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Grey also appear.
* GhostPirate: They meet two on a ship, named Dink and Dunk. One is a friendly ghost, the other not so much.
* IncrediblyLamePun: Jimmy McDonald, a friend of the gang, makes these all the time in his episode. In the end they ask him what he plans to raise on this farm, he answers with corn. As Goober notes "corn for the cornball".
* InvisibleStreaker: Goober is a canine version. When he disappears, his hat and collar are still visible.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Goober talks into the camera to the viewers at least once if not more every episode.
* LetsSplitUpGang: This gang also often splits up, Ted with Tina and Goober with Gillie. Guest Stars often join in on this.
* RealAfterAll: Used in this show more than anywhere else in Hanna-Barbera. Real ghosts often helped the gang unmask the fake ghosts.
* RecklessSidekick: Gillie to Goober. Even though Goober is the dog, it's his show and his sidekick almost always stays to take a picture of the ghost after Goober already ran away.
* RedheadInGreen: Tina wears a green sweater.
* ScoobyDooHoax: Sometimes used but most episodes also contained real ghosts.
* TalkingAnimal: The cartoon plays with this. Goober does talk in asides to the viewer, but only barks at other characters.
* TwinSwitch: Dunk attempts to perform this to mixed results in one episode with his brother Dink. Dink and Dunk are both actual ghost pirates.
* VoicesAreMental: This happened in one of the Partridge crossovers.
* WeirdnessMagnet: Downplayed to some extent, the kids work for Ghost Chasers Magazine, so they often on purpose go to investigate hauntings but sometimes it's played straight with them bumping into a situation.