[[caption-width-right:300:Felix and Chaplin, striking a pose.]]

A [[UsefulNotes/TheSilentAgeOfAnimation July 15, 1923]] short subject featuring Creator/OttoMessmer's cartoon star WesternAnimation/FelixTheCat. The short is centered around Felix as he tries to get a job in show business, and encounters some other stars of the era such as Creator/CharlieChaplin along the way.

This short is PublicDomain and can be viewed [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gYQhWJKlMQ here.]]. It is widely regarded as one of the most memorable Felix the Cat cartoons and the only one to make it in ''The50GreatestCartoons'' list at #50.

!Tropes Used In This Short
* CharlieChaplinShoutOut: Felix meets Chaplin and imitates him.
* CirclingBirdies: The star variation.
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: Like all cartoons of that era.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: It's Felix, and he's in Hollywood.
* ItsBeenDone: Parodied, as Felix invents what he thinks is a new act, but in reality has already been done by Creator/CharlieChaplin, who indignantly scorns Felix for allegedly stealing his act. This also doubles as a MythologyGag, since Otto Messmer had worked on a series of silent Charlie Chaplin cartoons in the past, and Felix was initially inspired by Charlie Chaplin.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Felix meets several Hollywood celebrities, making this the earliest cartoon to use this storyline. Among the people we recognize are Creator/CharlieChaplin, Creator/DouglasFairbanks, William S. Hart, Will Hays, Snub Pollard and Ben Turpin.
* PlagiarismInFiction: When Felix imitates Chaplin, he accuses him of "stealing his stuff".
* PublicDomainAnimation: This cartoon is over 90 years old now and thus past its copyright.
* ShapeShifting: At one point, Felix transforms into a briefcase in order to tag along with his owner to Hollywood.
* SpeechBubble: Felix and other characters use speech bubbles to talk.
* TimeMarchesOn: Every Hollywood star portrayed in this cartoon has died. Apart from Chaplin, most aren't recognized by today's audiences.
* YouJustRuinedTheShot: In a twist on this, the director actually ''likes'' Felix's interruption and gives him a contract.