[[caption-width-right:235:Clockwise from the left: Amber, Dink, Scat, Crusty, Shyler and Flapper.]]

One of the [[TheEighties 1980s]] [[AnimatedSeries cartoon series]] that no one seems to remember, ''Dink the Little Dinosaur'' is the story of a young ''Apatosaurus'' named Dink and his friends Amber (a ''Corythosaurus''), Scat (a ''Compsognathus''... [[CartoonCreature maybe]]), Shyler (an ''Edaphosaurus''), and Flapper (a ''Pteranodon''), who live in the peaceful Mesozoic paradise of Green Meadow and learn [[AnAesop important life lessons]] from an old turtle --[[NonMammalianHair with hair]]-- named Crusty. The series depicts the characters' childhood shenanigans and their scuffles with the [[CarnivoreConfusion evil carnivore]] [[TyrannosaurusRex Tyrannor]].

[[WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime Hey, wait a minute...!!]]

!!This series contains examples of:

* BigEater: Scat
* BloodlessCarnage: Shockingly ''averted'' in the fourth episode of the series, entitled ''White Beauty''. A dinosaur that has been [[FantasticRacism outcast from society]] gets into a fight with Tyrannor, and Amber runs off to get help. When the gang comes back to the scene of the battle, there's a ''trail of blood'' that they follow to where the dinosaur is hiding out.
* CarnivoreConfusion:
** Interestingly, the main group features two carnivores: Flapper and Scat. Then again, ''Pteranodon'' are more piscivorous, and Scat is at the very least omnivorous as he is shown chasing some "honey fruit" in the first episode.
** There's also an episode entitled "The Gentle Hunter", which could be renamed "Carnivore Confusion: the Dramatization".
** "Raiders of the Lost Nest" featured a trio of "egg-hunters" which are portrayed as resembling ''Acanthopholis'', a ''herbivorous'' dinosaur.
* ClearMyName: "Mystery of the Broken Claw" had Amber being accused of ruining Green Meadow's only watering hole with a rockslide, which was actually caused by a pack of ''Spinosaurus'' trying to lure the other dinosaurs into an ambush.
* CoolUncle: Flapper's Uncle Longbeak.
* DumbDinos: Follows the "herbivores are sapient, meat eaters are not" variant (at least any meat eaters who eat meat, with the exception of the "scavengers").
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs
* FearlessFool: Flapper very rarely shows any fear. This usually leads to him getting very badly injured.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: The often annoying ''Compsognathus'' is named "Scat" [[note]]"feces" for anyone who somehow doesn't know[[/note]]. It's not like this is an obscure term for that either.
* HulkSpeak: Scat
* {{Imprinting}}:
** "Crusty's Baby" had a baby ''Stegosaurus'' which imprinted on Crusty.
** In a case of ''reverse'' imprinting, "Tricera-Scat" had a mother ''Triceratops'' which thought Scat was her son when he took a nap underneath an egg shell in her nest.
* InformedSpecies: Scat is apparently a ''Compsognathus'', but looks more like a lizard or really tiny crocodile. Maybe he is a ''[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrestrisuchus Terrestrisuchus]]''?
* InterspeciesRomance: Implied between Dink and Amber, from time to time.
* NeverSmileAtACrocodile: In "Surprise", Dink gets chased by a ''Deinosuchus'' only to be rescued by a pair of [[HeroicDolphin dolphin]]-like ''Ichthyosaurus''.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: In the episode "Tar Troubles", despite Crusty's warning to leave it alone, Dink insists on trying to stop a tar flow in the valley. He and his friends inadvertently wind up setting half the valley on fire.
* PteroSoarer:
** Flapper in spades; he has batlike wings, lives in a decidedly birdlike nest, is bipedal, has grasping talons and even folds his wings like a bird when he walks (something that would be impossible for a real life pterosaur of any species). At least he's toothless and has a short tail.
** Additionally, the series often featured predatory, villainous pterosaurs referred to simply as "Scavengers" ([[InformedAttribute despite the fact that they're always seen hunting the protagonists rather than actually scavenging]]) that look vaguely like ''Cearadactylus'' with stumpy crests like a female ''Pteranodon''.
** The episode "The Secret" featured "Big Wings", which are 80s-styled ''Quetzalcoatlus'' that hunt like eagles.
** "Mystery of the Broken Claw" had a flock of ''Rhamphorhynchus'' which served as a bizarre Mesozoic stand-in for bats, namely living in a cave. A previous episode "Surprise" had a ''Sordes'' which was portrayed the same.
* RampageFromANail: Dink and his friends once helped a really huge dinosaur with that problem.
* RaptorAttack: ''Deinonychus'' ("Claw Foots") and ''Velociraptor'' appear sporadically in the series and both are featherless, as was believed at the time to be fair. The latter also walks in an outdated "kangaroo" stance like the large theropods in the show, although the former has the accurate horizontal stance. Brownie points however for being a case of pre-''Film/JurassicPark'' dromaeosaurids.
* SaveTheVillain: The kids push down a tree to save a drowning Tyrannor - and book it the second he's safe.
* ScavengersAreScum: A weird example -- among the enemies the group faced was a generic, predatory type of pterosaur referred to in-universe as "Scavengers". However, they're never shown scavenging, instead actively hunting the protagonists, sometimes [[SuperPersistentPredator persistently]].
* SeldomSeenSpecies: The show features these surprisingly often. For starters, Shyler appears to be an ''Edaphosaurus''.
* ShrinkingViolet: Shyler.
* SnakesAreSinister: The main threat of "Day of the [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Snake]]''.
* StockDinosaurs: They are all present.
* ToothyBird: Averted with Flapper, his Uncle Longbeak, and the "Big Wings".
* UnfortunateName: Dink and Scat.