[[caption-width-right:235:Clockwise from the left: Amber, Dink, Scat, Crusty, Shyler and Flapper.]]

One of the [[TheEighties 1980s]] [[AnimatedSeries cartoon series]] that no one seems to remember, ''Dink the Little Dinosaur'' is the story of a young apatosaur named Dink and his friends Amber (a corythosaur), Scat (a compsognathus... [[CartoonCreature maybe]]), Shyler (an edaphosaur), and Flapper (a pteranodon), who live in the peaceful Mesozoic paradise of Green Meadow and learn [[AnAesop important life lessons]] from an old turtle --[[NonMammalianHair with hair]]-- named Crusty. The series depicts the characters' childhood shenanigans and their scuffles with the [[CarnivoreConfusion evil carnivore]] [[TyrannosaurusRex Tyrannor]].

[[WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime Hey, wait a minute...!!]]

The series has been uploaded to Website/YouTube.

!!This series contains examples of:
* BigEater - Scat
* BloodlessCarnage - Shockingly ''averted'' in the fourth episode of the series, entitled ''White Beauty''. A dinosaur that has been [[FantasticRacism outcast from society]] gets into a fight with Tyrannor, and Amber runs off to get help. When the gang comes back to the scene of the battle, there's a ''trail of blood'' that they follow to where the dinosaur is hiding out.
* CarnivoreConfusion - Interestingly, the main group features two carnivores: Flapper and Scat.
** There's also an episode entitled ''The Gentle Hunter'', which could be renamed "Carnivore Confusion: the Dramatization".
** Well, pterosaurs aren't generally thought of as predators, and Scat is at the very least omnivorous as he is shown chasing some "honey fruit" in the first episode.
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs
* FearlessFool: Flapper very rarely shows any fear. This usually leads to him getting very badly injured.
* FollowTheLeader - Conspicuously, the series premiered one year after ''TheLandBeforeTime'' (the 1988 original).
* HulkSpeak: Scat
* InterspeciesRomance - Implied between Dink and Amber, from time to time.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero - In the episode Tar Troubles, despite Crusty's warning to leave it alone, Dink insists on trying to stop a tar flow in the valley. He and his friends inadvertently wind up setting half the valley on fire.
* RampageFromANail - Dink and his friends once helped a really huge dinosaur with that problem.
* StockDinosaurs - See that link right there that says ''Stock Dinosaurs''? Click it, read the page, then come back here. Done? Good. That's pretty much the list of dinosaurs in this show.
* UnfortunateName - Dink and Scat.