[[caption-width-right:300:Ruff, Gina Gillotti, Jay Weldon, Dennis Mitchell, Margaret Wade and Joey [=McDonald=]]]
In 1986, [[ComicStrip/DennisTheMenaceUS Dennis The Menace]] was adapted into a SixtyFiveEpisodeCartoon for U.S. syndication by Creator/{{DiC Entertainment}}, later moving to Saturday Mornings on CBS.

!! The 1980s animated series provides examples of:

* {{Acrofatic}}: Mr. Wilson.
* BanisterSlide
* CanadaEh: However, this plays up to stereotypes.
* CanonForeigner: [=PeeBee=], Jay,[[note]]Get it?...[[/note]] Lars and Mr. Cavallini.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The episode ''Trembly Assembly'' is '''[[UpToEleven notorious]]''' for this; not to mention the writing is oft-criticised, and the plain MindScrew situation.
* FiveTokenBand: Dennis, Joey, [=PeeBee=], Jay and Gina. A semi-recurring character named Tommy was [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers ironically]] the SixthRanger. Margaret sometimes fills the SixthRanger as well.
* FullNameUltimatum: Margaret often does this to "Dennis Mitchell!".[[note]]Oh, and his parents have done that too on occasion...[[/note]]
* HeadlessHorseman: There was an episode where Dennis scared some people by pretending to be a headless horseman.
* MarketBasedTitle: Just "Dennis" in the UK due to the NamesTheSame ComicStrip/DennisTheMenaceUK.
* OffModel: This is a DiC cartoon after all.
* {{Revival}}: Brought back in 2003.
** Before that, there was one in 1993.
* SecondPlaceIsForWinners: Mr. Wilson enters a contest for a vacation. He wins first prize, but the vacation package is second prize. First prize is... a pet goose or duck.
* ShoutOut: In one episode, Dennis hums the theme to InspectorGadget.
* StealthPun: The original characters [=PeeBee=] and Jay. Think about that for a second.
* TheTonsillitisEpisode: One episode had Dennis in the hospital for a "tonsil-neck-tummy".
* {{Tsundere}}: Margaret (at least in this version) is type A.
* ThroughAFaceFullOfFur: At times with Mr. Wilson, whenever Dennis and his friends mean well in helping him but unintentionally doing more harm, which aroused enough anger in him to turn red in the face.
* {{Zeerust}} / [[ThreeDMovie 3D Movie]]: Dennis sneaks out to see ''The Future in [=3D=]''.