One of (if not [[UrExample the]]) first AnimatedSeries produced for television, ''Crusader Rabbit'' was created by Jay Ward and Alex Anderson in 1948, and subsequently sold to Creator/{{NBC}}. It featured the serialized adventures of a rabbit and his tiger sidekick, Ragland T. Tiger (Rags for short).

Anderson's original intent was not to create a rabbit or tiger character, but to create characters whose personalities were contrary to their appearance. The rabbit was conceived by Ward as a crusading Don Quixote. Some of the earliest episodes can be found in the Internet Archive's Moving Picture Collection.

A total of 195 episodes were produced and released between 1949 and 1951. A second series of ''Crusader Rabbit'' cartoons, this time in color, was produced for UsefulNotes/{{syndication}} in 1957. Another 260 episodes were released. This was after Ward and Anderson lost the rights to the characters to series bankroller Jerry Fairbanks, who had Creston Films make this second batch.
This series provides examples of:
* AnimatedSeries
* ArtShift: Crusader started out with droopy jowls. It was later refined and he was made cuter.
* CliffHanger: Usually twenty episodes made up a story arc, each episode ending with a single title for the following episode (as opposed to the EitherOrTitle that ''WesternAnimation/RockyAndBullwinkle'' made popular). When Creston and TV Spots took over making the show, two packages were made available--the serialized episodes and then, around 1960, story arcs re-edited as a 45-minute featurette "movie."
* DastardlyWhiplash: Crusader and Rags' arch-nemesis Dudley Nightshade.
* LimitedAnimation: In the first seasons episode ([[ like the first one]]), except for the intro (the titular character appear wearing an armour and riding a horse like a knight) and the brief scenes where Crusader and Rags are walking, only the mouths of the characters are really animated, and the rest are static drawings described for the narrator.
* RighteousRabbit: His first crusade is to stop the slaughter of rabbits in Texas.
* TalkingAnimal
* WhiteBunny