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Cheyenne Cinnamon is a new WesternAnimation by Creator/AdultSwim. It won a new show contest. It first appeared on the SquidBillies on the TV as a cameo before anyone knew about it. It was created by DaveWillis, who also created CartoonPlanet, [[WesternAnimation/TheBrakShow Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak]], WesternAnimation/SpaceGhostCoastToCoast, WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce, YoungPersonsGuideToHistory, and DeathFighter.

To quote ThatOtherWiki:

"''[[LongTitle Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge]]'' is an upcoming American animated television series created by Dave Willis set to air on Cartoon Network's late night programing block, Adult Swim on March 28th, 2010. The pilot is available on the Adult Swim in a Box, DVD box set. Willis explained, in an interview with Pitchfork Media, that the series is about "a StrawberryShortcake pop princess that lives in a candy wonderland just outside of Detroit. She comes into Detroit and helps solve problems of racism and teen pregnancy with the power of love and teen pop songs." Willis also says that the series is going to be entirely computer animated.

Alternative country singer Neko Case stars as Cheyenne Cinnamon. Although Cheyenne Cinnamon is a pop star and Neko Case is an alternative country singer, Willis says that "her character will lip-synch, and then a decidedly different-sounding voice sings all the songs." Other characters are yet to be announced to the public, with the exception of the character Gummi. Gummi is a red Gummi bear portrayed by the nerdcore rapper mc chris, who has told his audience at live performances about his role in Cheyenne Cinnamon."

As of 2012, only the pilot of the series has been released. It is uncertain if the project was aborted.
!!Tropes Invoked:
%%* DoesNotLikeShoes: Cheyenne never wears any.
* GargleBlaster: If you mix breast milk and vodka, then you get a Baby Tornado or a Titty Twister.
%%* MsFanservice: Cheyenne Cinnamon.
%%* PilotEpisode: The only episode so far.
* PowerOfLove: Cheyenne tends to lip-sic about this.
%%* QuarterHourShort
* TechnicalVirgin: One of Cheyenne's songs '''strongly''' implies her to be this.
* TeacherStudentRomance: A teen is in love with and impregnated by her softball coach.
%%* TheFantasticTropeOfWonderousTitles