[[caption-width-right:300:The 1970s have a lot to answer for. (Left to right: Hustle, Bump, Boogie.)]]
The popularity of citizens band radio in the 1970s inspired this hourlong AnimatedAnthology from Creator/HannaBarbera, which ran on Creator/{{NBC}} in 1977/78.

The series' headliners were crime-solving bears named Hustle, Bump and Boogie (voiced by Creator/DawsButler, Henry Corden and Chuck [=McCann=], respectively). They traveled in a garbage truck and received orders via citizen band radio from their female boss, "Charlie" (voiced seductively by Susan Davis).

Supporting segments in the ''CB Bears'' show were:
* ''Blastoff Buzzard'', a cartoon similar to ''WesternAnimation/WileECoyoteAndTheRoadRunner'', and the only H-B cartoon whose soundtrack had no human voices at all;
* ''Heyyyy, It's the King'', an all-animal parody of ''Series/HappyDays'';
* ''Posse Impossible'', a SpinOff of the series finale of ''WesternAnimation/HongKongPhooey'';
* ''Shake, Rattle and Roll'', in which a trio of ghosts inhabited an abandoned hotel, and
* ''Undercover Elephant'', about a secret-agent pachyderm and his mouse partner.

At mid-season, the show was absorbed into a two-hour block on NBC titled ''Go Go Globetrotters'' which included repeats of 1970's ''WesternAnimation/TheHarlemGlobetrotters,'' 1967's ''The Herculoids'', and 1969's ''Motormouse & Autocat.''
!!''CB Bears'' provides examples of:
* AnimatedAnthology
* ArousedByTheirVoice: Boogie has this reaction when he hears Charlie.
* ComicTrio: The ghosts of ''Shake, Rattle & Roll''.
** And the Bears themselves.
* DoesNotLikeSpam: In a comic book story, Bump Bear hates cole slaw.
* {{Expy}}: The King of ''Heyyyy! It's the King'' is an expy of [[Series/HappyDays Arthur Fonzarelli]].
* ForgotICouldFly: Happened a lot in ''Blastoff Buzzard'' shorts. May or may not have been an intentional joke.
* {{Nice Hat}}s: ''Especially'' that trash can lid of Bump's!
* NoDialogueEpisode: All ''Blastoff Buzzard'' shorts qualify.
* TheOneWhoWearsShoes: Boogie and Bump.
* TalkingAnimal
* ThemeNaming: The bears are named for dance styles; the ghosts of ''Shake, Rattle & Roll'' are named for a rock song from the 1950s.
* TheVoice: Charlie.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Boogie has blue fur.