[[caption-width-right:350:Let's Get Ugly!]]

''Butt-Ugly Martians'' was a rather short-lived CGI cartoon that ran on Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} between 2002 and 2003. It focused on three butt-ugly Martians named B-Bop a Luna, 2T Fru-T and Do Wah Diddy who were reluctantly sent as scouts to the planet Earth under the commander of their ruler, the Emperor Bog, to make it suitable for conquest. However, they take a liking to Earth and its culture and instead pretend they enslaved it by sending fake progress reports to their boss. Bog starts to get suspicious of the reports, sending in forces to check out on how the trip is progressing, forcing the aliens to defend themselves and their newfound home when the time comes.

* AbsoluteXenophobe: Dr. Brady Hacksaw (who takes delight in dissecting anything that isn't human), as opposed to the more-tolerant Muldoon (who just wants to prove that aliens exist--and get them to appear on his TV show--and readily accepts that the Martians are friendly when presented with proof).
* AliensSpeakingEnglish: Emperor Bog noted once to a captured Mike that "We Martians speak many languages."
* AllCGICartoon
* BadassBoast: Humunga gets a good one in his very first appearance, after landing on Earth with a crash.
-->'''2T:''' How bright can this guy be? He crashed his space ship.
-->'''PBG:''' [[NighInvulnerable I don't have a space ship!]]
-->'''2T:''' Eep.
* TheDragon: The [[HypercompetentSidekick more competent]] Dr. Damage, to the lazy and whiny Emperor Bog.
* ForgottenSuperweapon: The Butt-Uglies only ever changed into their Butt-Kicking Mode suits when there were only a few minutes to go in the episode.
** And on top of that, all three of them have to be together for it to activate. Luckily this only came up once.
* TheGogglesDoNothing: Mike.
* HenshinHero: The "Butt-Kicking Mode" give the Butt-uglies elements of this. Zig-zagged in that they are capable of fighting without it - it just makes ''that'' much of a difference.
* HiddenInPlainSight: In a couple episodes the Martians perform as a music group called "Boys 2 Martians," claiming that wearing alien costumes is just their group's gimmick. It isn't brought up much though.
* InformedDeformity: Though the titular characters are described as "butt-ugly", they're probably actually the most attractive characters in the series, as the human characters fall into the UncannyValley and other Martians look like the butt-uglies but ''with'' added deformities.
* InterspeciesRomance: Do-Wah has something of a bashful crush on Angela.
** Chitsok is a more disturbing example. He resists Bog's offers to help the Butt-Uglies conquer the Earth until he sees Angela, then he proceeds to kidnap her and ditch the Martians because she's really all he wanted out of the offer. At one point he says he's wanted a pet like her, but the rest of the time he says "companion," implying ''something else'' they couldn't specify or they never would've been allowed to release the episode. Might have been part of the reason he was about the only villain who only showed up once.
* ItIsPronouncedTroPAY: Damage's name is pronounced "duh-mahj."
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Whenever Muldoon saw a little too much, the Butt-Uglies would let him have it with a purple gas that would knock him out and make him forget most of the episode.
* LimitedAnimation: What the show's probably best known for.
* MidseasonUpgrade: In the final two-parter the Martians manage to upgrade their BKM to BKM Ultra. Although it's kind of hard to tell how much of an improvement it was, since BKM tended be [[StrongAsTheyNeedToBe as powerful as any particular fight scene with it required]].
* MonsterOfTheWeek: These tended to come in two varieties: non-Martian-affiliated aliens who wanted to take over or destroy the Earth for their own reasons (and who the Butt-Uglies would defeat supposedly for the glory of the Martian invasion), and alien mercenaries Bog would send to help the Butt-Uglies conquer Earth. With how un-conquered Earth is, the Butt-Uglies both have to defeat the other alien and hide their lack of conquest from Bog.
* TheReptilians: Lt. Penkan of the Zvorak.
* TheResolutionWillNotBeTelevised: There is a two-parter that serves as something of a climax to the series, with the Martians getting upgrades to BKM and fighting most of their previous enemies who are BackForTheFinale. It isn't any kind of ending, though, and a second season never came.
* SpaceJews: Rinko the gambler alien.
* TheStarscream: Dr. Damage to Emperor Bog, he even takes over for an episode by attempting to kill him.
* SuperMode: Or rather, Butt-Kicking Mode.
* ThemeNaming: All friendly-to-Earth Martians were named after [[TheFifties 1950s]] songs, including occasional love interest Shaboom-Shaboom.