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''Blaster's Universe'' is a short-lived [[SaturdayMorningCartoon Saturday morning animated series]] produced by Creator/{{Nelvana}} and aired from October 2, 1999 to September 9, 2000 on Creator/{{CBS}} in the USA and Creator/{{Teletoon}} in Canada. It was based on the [[VideoGame/BlasterSeries Blaster Learning System]] CD-ROM series, as it was reimagined in the late 1990s. The show is in continuity with other games of the era, such as ''Math Blaster ages 5-7''.

Set in the year 2222, it chronicles the adventures of Max Blaster, a bright, impetuous 12 year old boy obsessed with science and space, and his best friend G.C., a cool 12 year old girl who looks like an earthling but is really an alien. Also joining them is a brave and loyal RobotDog named MEL (acronym for Mechanically Enhanced Lapdog). Together, they travel across the galaxy to stop intergalactic villains from destroying their home planet of Omega.

It only ran for one season, and aired in reruns on the network [=KidsCo=] in international countries like the UK and Australia until the network was canned.
!!''Blaster's Universe'' provides examples of:
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* {{Adorkable}}: Max Blaster is laid-back and energetic, but is still cute at the same time.
* AnAesop: Often learned by Blaster or G.C.
* AnimatedAdaptation: It's an adaptation of an edutainment CD-ROM series.
* {{Badbutt}}: The main characters, Blaster and GC being kids and MEL being a TeamPet, and each episode has them fight evil.
* BigNo: Major History does it at the end of "You're History" when Blaster defeats him by zapping him with the Bomb-Turned Muggle and making him disappear.
* BookDumb: Blaster, only sometimes. Other times, he's a BadassBookworm (or reforms into a BadassBookworm, for that matter).
* BrattyHalfPint: Zak in "Math Schmath" is a spiteful student who [[ThePrankster plays pranks on Blaster and GC]] and dislikes math. He tags along with them on their mission however.
* CallingYourAttacks: Parodied in one episode, when Blaster, while trapped in a cage, attempts this by holding up MEL pretending him to be a weapon and yelling "FIRE NOSE-CONE!" before popping the dog's nose open.
* CassandraTruth: Defied in "Uncool Copycat", when G.C. doesn't believe Blaster when he tries to tell her that he saw two moons around Earth, but then finds out he's right when they discover that an evil artist named Deja Vu is making life-sized copies of everything.
* CatchPhrase: Blaster's "What a [[PersonAsVerb blast]]!"
* CloningBlues: The plot point of "Uncool Copycat", in which the scheming beatnik artist, Deja Vu, makes copies of everything (which he claims is art at first) and everyone.
* ContinuityOverlap: With the 1999 version of the games.
* DaydreamSurprise: Sometimes done by Blaster, for example in "You're History" as a daydream where he and his friends make an escape in their ship from Illitera, and later in "Gym Nausium" as virtual reality where Blaster and GC are challenged by two anthropomorphic deer (who turn out to be MEL and Blaster's dad in real life) in a snowboarding race.
* DeadpanSnarker: GC can be bitter and sarcastic towards Blaster sometimes.
* {{Duck}}: Happens once in the episode "You're History":
--> '''Max''': Yeah! What a blast!\\
'''Pirate''': What? Head's up, what?!\\
'''MEL''': What? (''looks up'') Head's ''up''?\\
'''Max''': (''panicked'') IT MEANS "DUCK"!! (''grabs MEL and ducks with GC as a cannon fires at them'')
%%* EdutainmentShow
%%* EvilLaugh: Often done by the villains.
%%* ExpositoryThemeTune
%%* FantasticVoyagePlot: "Body Electric".
* GodGuise: Happens to Blaster, G.C. and MEL while they're in the planet Moocowzia in "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow".
%%* GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe: GC.
%%* HurricaneOfPuns: One of the show's main sources.
%%* IdiotHero: Max Blaster has shades of this.
* {{Keet}}: Blaster is a cheerful, hyperactive boy.
%%* LargeHam: Any of the villains, but Blaster as well.
* LastNameBasis: Blaster, but the only characters who know him as "Max" are his parents.
%%* LittleStowaway: Zak.
* MindOverManners: The plot point of you-know-which-episode-whose-title-is-actually-this-trope's-name.[[note]][[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Mind Over Manners"!]][[/note]]
* MockingSingSong: In "You're History", the Major sings "Nya nya, told you I know everything!" at one point.
* PluckyComicRelief: Max Blaster, despite being the main character. Also, MEL.
* PreMortemOneLiner: "Well, you asked for it. You're history, Major History!"
* PunnyName: Max Blaster is obviously a pun on Math Blaster.
* RobotDog: Mel, obviously. He still has instances of {{furry reminder}}s, though.
%%* SaturdayMorningCartoon
* ShortRunner: It only lasted from 1999-2000 with one season and 13 episodes.
%%* ShorterMeansSmarter: MEL.
* SpiritualSuccessor: Let's see...sometime after the show was canceled, Nelvana made [[WesternAnimation/{{Cyberchase}} another educational science fiction series in which some kids and a robotic animal sidekick go on several adventures to stop a villain from taking over the world. And it even shares the same animation style and logo design.]]
%%* TeamPet: MEL.
* TheyFightCrime: An energetic human boy, a no-nonsense alien girl, and a robot dog. They fight crime, [[BadassBookworm but with math, phonics and other education.]]
* TitleThemeTune: "Blaster's U-u-u-universe! B-b-BLASTER'S U-U-U-UNIVERSE!"
%%* TotallyRadical
%%* {{Tsundere}}: G.C. leans onto a Type-B regarding her actions towards Blaster and Mel.
* UncannyFamilyResemblance: Max's parents look like him.
%%* UnluckyEverydude: Max.
%%* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Blaster in "Buggin' Out", though he eventually [[FaceYourFears faces his fears]] at the end.
%%* WorldOfPun
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Max has blue hair and GC has purple hair, just like they did in the Blaster games of the time.