-> ''"Game Maker (1999-present): Started out as Animo, a 2D animation program. It is now technically complex enough to be considered a full-fledged 2D Game Engine, not a Game Maker. {{Ironic}}."''
--> '''- TV Tropes, GameEngine Page'''
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Yoyogames are the company behind the Game Maker software originally created by Mark Overmars, making a variety of GameEngine products, the newest being Game Maker Studio. Game Maker has produced indie titles such as ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'' and ''VideoGame/AnUntitledStory''.

The Sandbox site suffers SturgeonsLaw due to the fact that ''anybody'' can upload games they've made using the free edition of the software, previously giving the software a bad reputation. The creators of Yoyogames consider The Sandbox an OldShame which no longer works.

The newest software can export to Android.

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[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GameMaker:_Studio here]]
[[https://www.yoyogames.com/studio Main Website here.]]
[[http://gmc.yoyogames.com/ The forums are here.]]
[[http://www.yoyogames.com/developers/yoyolabs Yoyolabs (Open Source Sharing) here.]]

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Here is a list of games created with Game Maker which have pages on TV Tropes:
* ''VideoGame/AnotherMetroid2Remake''
* ''VideoGame/AssassinBlue''
* ''VideoGame/BarkleyShutUpAndJamGaiden''
* ''VideoGame/BattleHigh'' Team Up and San Bruno
* ''VideoGame/BattleshipsForever''
* ''VideoGame/BurnTheTrash''
* ''VideoGame/CatPlanet''
* ''VideoGame/CastleOfElite''
* ''VideoGame/CleanAsia''
* ''VideoGame/{{Crazd}}''
* ''VideoGame/DistortedTravesty''
* ''VideoGame/{{Dubloon}}''
* ''VideoGame/GardenGnomeCarnage''
* ''VideoGame/{{Gunpoint}}''
* ''VideoGame/HardHat''
* ''VideoGame/HeroCore''
* ''VideoGame/HotlineMiami''
* ''VideoGame/{{Hydorah}}''
* ''VideoGame/HyperLightDrifter''
* ''VideoGame/HyperPrincessPitch''
* ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}''
* ''VideoGame/IWannaBeTheFangame''
* ''VideoGame/{{Jumper}}''
* ''VideoGame/{{Karoshi}}''
* ''VideoGame/MakeAGoodMegaManLevelContest''
* [[VideoGame/MegaMan3D Mega Man 3D]]
* ''VideoGame/MegaManDOSRemake''
* ''[[VideoGame/MegaManDrWilysFinalAttack Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Final Attack]]''
* ''VideoGame/MegamanRevengeOfTheFallen''
* ''VideoGame/MicroEmblem''
* ''VideoGame/NintendoNightmare''
* ''{{VideoGame/Poacher}}''
* ''{{VideoGame/Purple}}''
* ''VideoGame/RivalsOfAether''
* ''Videogame/RunManRaceAroundTheWorld''
* ''VideoGame/{{Seiklus}}''
* ''VideoGame/ShadysPoopong''
* ''VideoGame/SonicWebAccess''
* ''VideoGame/{{Spelunky}}''
* ''VideoGame/SuperMegaMan2''
* ''VideoGame/TheProjectThisAndThatSeries''
* ''VideoGame/ThisIsYourGrave''
* ''VideoGame/{{UIN}}''
* ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}''
* ''VideoGame/AnUntitledStory''

!!Yoyogames and Game Maker feature examples of....

* {{Abandonware}}: All previous versions of Game Maker. {{Justified|Trope}} by Yoyogames since Pirates kept causing them no ends of problems with those versions.
* UsefulNotes/BetaTest: The software allows you to update to the latest possible version, although there may be faults.
* UsefulNotes/BitmapsSpritesAndTextures: The inbuilt image editor and background / texture editor.
* CopyProtection: There was a fault with the DRM software in Game Maker Studio that actually affected legitimate copies of Game Maker and turned all the sprites into Skull and Crossbones. Has since been fixed.
* EventFlag: Built into the software in the form of Alarms and Collisions.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: {{Subverted}}. Game Maker being a GameMaker is the main example. When you open the program, the first interface you see for Coding is Drag-And-Drop. Anyone who doesn't read the helpfile or readme will not be aware there is a full Programming Language in there.
* FreewareGames: The Sandbox website. Most of the games on TvTropes made by Game Maker are this.
* GameEngine: Game Maker is one.
* UsefulNotes/GamingAudio: Midis have been removed, but [=MP3s, OGGs and WAVs=] are fair game.
* IndieGame: The Game Maker is the source of many.
* KonamiCode: Entering this on the main website at one point caused pink unicorns to appear. Sadly, this has gone.
* LoadingScreen: Has this at the start of running, both Games and Game Maker.
* LevelEditor: The Room Editor part of the software acts as this.
* UsefulNotes/{{Middleware}}: [=YoyoLabs=] is planned to be this. The original examples were this. [=DLLs=] can be used as this.
* PhysicsEngine: Has one built in. There are various [=DLLs=] and such that can provide a much improved one, however.
* UsefulNotes/PolygonalGraphics: How a lot of the 3D games work and look.
* ProgrammingLanguage: Although not obvious at first, has one. Game Maker Language or GML.
* RandomNumberGenerator: random()
* UsefulNotes/SoftwarePorting: To Android, Mac, and various others. Game Maker was once Windows only.
* SturgeonsLaw: The Sandbox.
* VideoGame3DLeap: 3D became possible in Game Maker at Game Maker 6. (Due to DLL support.) Support has grown since, but Game Maker is definitely more suitable for 2D Games.