[[http://spacemonkeymafiastudios.com/ Space Monkey Mafia Studios]] is a website featuring reviews, blogs, comedy skits, comics and other material. It was founded by Cody "Cranky Kong" Kitts (CK), and is similar in presentation to Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses (the strong focus on movies, video games and animation, although other topics are covered as well), and has a loose association with that website, via many of the contributors being fans of the website, and often premiering their reviews on the TGWTG forums, or otherwise contributing in some way to the site.

Series hosted on the site include ''MENERGY!!!'', where CK reviews energy drinks; ''The Irritated Film Critic'', in which a CausticCritic finds himself reviewing increasingly worse movies; ''Laserdisc Memories'', a look at films released in that medium; and ''WebVideo/TheFilmRenegado'', which looks at Spanish-language films and films aimed at Spanish audiences, or somehow otherwise connecting to a Spanish theme (including ''Beverly Hills Chihuahua''). SMMS also hosted a crossover between Creator/BradJones' ''WebVideo/BradTries'' and CK's ''MENERGY!!!''

''WebVideo/TheBlockBusterBuster'' began on this website, but is now featured on Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. ''WebVideo/ThatSciFiGuy'' is featured on both websites.

!!Contributors and features

''' Current '''
* CK
** ''Cryptid Creature Feature''
** ''MENERGY!!!''
** ''Horror Snark''
* ''The Irritated Film Critic''
** ''Jack The Riffer''
* WebVideo/TheCartoonHero
* WebVideo/TheFilmRenegado
* WebVideo/TheGameShowReviewer
* WebVideo/ThatScifiGuy

''' Former '''

* ''WebVideo/TheBlockbusterBuster'' - moved to Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses in 2011
* Creator/IsaacBaranoff
** ''Webcomic/HereWolf'' - Creator/IsaacBaranoff announced the strip's ending in 2012, which was replaced by ''WebVideo/ComixFromTheUnderground''.
** ''WebVideo/ComixFromTheUnderground'' - No longer on the site, due to Baranoff quitting the site.
* ''Laserdisc Memories''