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''[[http://woodenrosecomic.com/index.html Wooden Rose]]'' is a Victorian fairy tale about love, loss and betrayal, enchanted forests and ancient mythical beings.

Sisters Lillian and Nessa reside alone and care for their father, who has been ill for a year now. Nessa takes a fall out in the snow and is aided by a strange gentleman. Mr. Thorne’s charm quickly draws her to him and she finds herself in the romance she has always dreamed of. What she does not know is that the handsome stranger hides a dark secret, one that puts her and those around her at great risk.

Each page of ''Wooden Rose'' is in full color. The style is scattered with hints of anime and art nouveau. It began in January 2009, and ran until July 2012.
!!Tropes included:

* AfterActionPatchup: Lillian for Eric... [[spoiler: after Nessa's tree spirit baby is possessed by Aidan and attacks him.]]
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: [[http://www.woodenrosecomic.com/comic/chapter1/24.html Nessa is no help at all.]]
* CannotSpitItOut: [[http://www.woodenrosecomic.com/comic/chapter1/25.html Lillian hates how 'foolishly tongued tied' she gets around her crush, Eric.]]
* {{Chiaroscuro}}: [[http://www.woodenrosecomic.com/comic/chapter4/88.html A dream forest.]]
* ChildrenAreInnocent. Even ones that look like the roots of trees.
* DamselInDistress: Aidan helps Nessa out of a minor spot of trouble at the start. [[RescueRomance It's the start of their courtship.]] [[spoiler: Later he's the cause of her distress via MoreThanMindControl.]]
* DoingInTheScientist: [[spoiler: Eric originally attributed his wife's pregnacy to infidliety but when he saw that the child was a tree spirit and came to term in a week instead of nine months he had no choice but to accept that the supernatural was involved.]]
* DreamLand: Aidan draws Nessa into one. [[http://www.woodenrosecomic.com/comic/chapter4/91.html He claims it's real.]]
* DueToTheDead: [[http://www.woodenrosecomic.com/comic/chapter4/85.html A funeral complete with mourning daughters.]]
* EmpathicEnvironment: It's a beautiful day during Nessa and Aidan's date, grey and rainy during the funeral, and dark during the climax.
* EvilPlan: [[spoiler: Aidan's true purpose in courting Nessa is to prolong his life by draining hers.]]
* CuteKitten: [[http://www.woodenrosecomic.com/comic/chapter2/50.html Oh, aren't they darling?]]
* [[EvilDetectingDog Evil Detecting Cat]]: Prospero, Lillan's pet cat, hisses at Aidan.
* FirstNameBasis: Late in the comic, and after bonding in tragedy, Doctor Dawson insists that Lillan address him by his first name 'Eric' instead of his title.
* FlowerMotifs: It's in the title and part of Lillan's name.
* {{Foil}}: The sisters are SiblingYinYang and their respective suitors are also foils; charming mysterious and gentleman familiar.
* FunctionalMagic: Aidan uses Music Magic with his pipe but his true talent is [[spoiler: Inherent Gift because he's a tree spirit.]]
* GraveClouds: At their father's funeral.
* GreenEyes: A plot point for the supernatural aspect of the plot. [[spoiler: Aidan's green eyes signify his charming human persona. They turn [[RedEyesTakeWarning red in the presence of cats]] and when he has trouble maintaining his illusion.]]
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* IncurableCoughOfDeath: The illness of the girls' father is unknown but it causes him coughing fits.
* TheLostWoods: The woods outside the town were once said to be the home of spirits and the supernatural.
* {{Kuudere}}: Lillan is a reserved young lady and her character profile says she 'guards her heart carefully' but there's a warm personality underneath.
* MeaningfulName: There’s [[FlowerMotif Lillian]], [[SacrificialLamb Nessa]], and [[PlantPerson Mr. Thorne]].
* MissingMom: The sisters live with only their dying father. [[http://www.woodenrosecomic.com/comic/chapter2/40.html Their mother died when Nessa was only four.]]
* MonochromePast: In a {{Flashback}}
* MusicMagic: Aidan uses it [[spoiler: to weave his MindControl over Nessa. It's mundane music that breaks his control.]]
* NatureSpirit The cranshee, [[spoiler: Aiden Thorne]].
** PlantPerson: The spoiler's true form is a tree.
** WhenTreesAttack: the roots can pirece like a spear.
* NurseryRhyme: In a lullaby sung by their mother, and then by Lillian.
* ObviousPregnancy: Nessa's, justified by the speed at which the pregnancy progresses; one week!
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* PowerGlows: Whenever magic happens, it's accompanied by light.
* PromotionToParent: [[http://www.woodenrosecomic.com/comic/chapter2/40.html Lillian has been a second mother to Nessa]].
* ProperLady: Lillan is reserved, polite, and kind. Nessa betters fits SpiritedYoungLady because of her greater energy and outgoing personality.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: [[spoiler: After Aidan reveals his true nature to Nessa she asks how old he is. He says "500 years".]]
* RedEyesTakeWarning: [[spoiler: They hint at Aidan's true, evil, nature.]]
* ShapeshiftingLover: [[spoiler: Aidan is truly a tree spirit but can take human form to seduce human women.]]
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* ShipperOnDeck: Nessa pushes her sister toward Eric because of her crush on the good doctor. [[spoiler: When they finally begin courting in the epilogue, Nessa insists on dressing her up for it.]]
* TheStoic: Eric and Lillan both have a handle on their emotion. [[BirdsOfAFeather This is why they get along so well.]]
* TalkingInYourDreams: All part of the seduction.
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