''[[http://www.unclerobot.com Vorto The Pirate]]'' is a ScienceFiction webcomic, written and drawn by Martin Pope, which centers around the notorious space-pirate, Emile Vorto, his companions, and the corrupted empire which has enslaved him. Vorto battles against the pilots of the deadly Scorpio Squadron to win his freedom and that of the peoples of Orgom.

''Vorto the Pirate'' is an adventure strip in the tradition of Terry and the Pirates, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Captain Easy. It's two-fisted adventure on the high seas of space.

!!Webcomic/VortoThePirate contains examples of:
* AirVentPassageway: Dromo Antiphilus used an air vent passageway to flank Calvio in [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/boom-boom-boom-boom "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom."]]
* [[AlmostOutOfOxygen Almost Out of Oxygen]]: Played for laughs in [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/theory-and-practice "Theory and Practice".]]
* AntiHero: Emile Vorto, the notorious space pirate and all around scoundrel who is fighting Queen Livia and the empire to save the peoples of Orgam.
* [[BadassBeard Badass Beard]]: Vorto sports a badass beard and handlebar stache.
* BigBad: Queen Livia, Emperor Nognor's scheming second wife who convinced him to exile his own daughter so that she could install her son upon the throne.
* [[TheCasino The Casino]]: Baron Moorlock is first introduced in a casino in [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/talking-of-michelangelo-2 "Talking of Michelangelo"]]
* [[CombatPragmatist Combat Pragmatist]]
* ComeOutComeOutWhereverYouAre: General Faustus hunts Vorto and crew in the cave system of Prison Asteroid #4234371 in [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/quelle-surprise "Quelle Surprise!"]]
* EvilPrince: Queen Livia's son
* [[GuileHero Guile Hero]]: Vorto has no trouble blasting his way through a tight spot, but he’s just as apt to use trickery to get ahead.
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen: Queen Livia, Emperor Nognor's, evil second wife, bent on installing her son on the throne of Orgom.
* HiddenBackupPrince: Prince Ping. "The boy is Emperor Nognor's Grandson, by Questra, the daughter that Queen Livia convinced him to exile. He's the rightful heir to the throne of Illiros."
* HomeschooledKids: In [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/the-republic "@%#^ The Republic"]] it is revealed that Prince Ping was raised by attending robots.
* [[LosingYourHead Losing Your Head]]: Happens to Yorik, though he didn’t have much to begin with. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]], as he’s a robot.
* {{Mooks}}: Dar: "Halt! Stop there or I'll--" [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/made-you-look]]
* NoDialogueEpisode: 'Vorto's' first example of this trope was in [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/faustuss-chronometer "Faustus' Chronometer"]]
* [[ShoutOut Shout Out]]: To The Wizard of Oz [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/poppies]]
* [[SymbolSwearing Symbol Swearing]]: Vorto makes liberal use of this trope.
** "Oh my #%$*! You have got to be $#@*ing kidding me!" [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/prison-asteroid-4234371 "Prison Asteroid #4234371"]]
** "What the #$%* did you do that for? Are you out of your %#@&* mind?" [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/vorto-the-pirate "Vorto...The Pirate"]]
** "@%#^ the republic." [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/the-republic "@%#^ The Republic"]]
* WisePrince: Prince Ping
* WrittenSoundEffect: Like many of the works which inspired it, 'Vorto the Pirate' makes liberal use of this trope.
** KREAK: [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/prison-asteroid-4234371 "Prison Asteroid #4234371"]]
** THWUMP: [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/tripped-up "Tripped Up"]]
** ZZZZZZZPPPOW!: [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/the-algebra-boy "The Algebra Boy"]]
** ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZPPP: [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/leaping-lizards "Leaping Lizards!"]]
** ZPPAH! ZPPAH! ZPPAH! ZPPAH!: [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/leaping-lizards "Leaping Lizards!"]]
** KA POW: [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/end-of-the-line "End of the Line!"]]
** BBBZZZZZZTTTT!!!: [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/the-night-has-a-thousand-eyes "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes"]]
* YouAllMeetInACell: Vorto and Yoric, and Dromo, Ping and Uncle Thirteen all meet on Prison Asteroid #4234371.
* [[YourMom Your Mom]]: Vorto does this in response to Calvio’s demand for his surrender. [[http://unclerobot.com/comic/boom-boom-boom-boom "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!"]]
!!Strip Type:
* SundayStrip