''Venus in Points'' is the "sister comic" to the {{webcomic}} ''Webcomic/GoodbyeChains'', both written and drawn by Alice Hunt, the writer of said comic. [[http://www.webcomicsnation.com/heykidzcomix/pointyvenus/series.php Start here]] if you're ready for [[SomethingCompletelyDifferent something completely off-topic of the original comic]].
!!Tropes found in the comic include:

* AllMenArePerverts: Looking at anything involving Banquo and a woman should give you an idea at how much Banquo gets around.
* CanadaEh: There's a whole chapter dedicated to this [[spoiler: Ending with Banquo and Colin provoking Canada into ''invading the United States''. "Thanks, assholes. Thassholes."]]
* DoorstopBaby: This happened twice with Banquo, who at first rejected the idea of parenthood with disgust, but then started to warm up to his children. However, both children terrorized Colin and ''tried to eat his face'', so he quickly put a stop to this [[spoiler:by sending the first to an orphanage and scaring the second away. Double spoiler points for the fact that the second never left at all.]]
* TheGrinch: In the first chapter, Colin appears to hate Christmas.
* HalloweenCosplay.: He's the goddamn Banquo.
* HollywoodTourettes: The chapter ''I am not well enough for Pointy Swearengen'' featured the mustached dog with the sign telling Colin he couldn't even "swear in iambic pen-fucking-tameter". Banquo did not take this well.
* HookHand: Hands and feet after playing with Banquo's knife.
* {{Metaphorgotten}}: "I'm in worse luck than a no-legged asskicker during the swimwear competition of a cat-turd-buryin' contest! At the ''Athenaeum''!"
* PaperThinDisguise: Banquo and Banquita with their glorious fake mustaches.
* RacistGrandma: Slightly subverted; when Colin rudely came out to his grandmother, she ''fainted, fell down the stairs and died.''
* ShownTheirWork: Just as gloriously as ''Webcomic/GoodbyeChains'' itself, but it subverts sometimes for humor.
* StraightGay: Colin, who has a crush on/is in love with Banquo.
* ThirdPersonPerson: This only happened once in the New Year's chapter. "DRINKYKING DOES WHAT DRINKYKING WANTS WHEN DRINKYKING WANTS TO!"
* WatchItStoned: Banquo seems to think this when he offers opium to Colin, who is writhing in agony, to make him feel better.