[[http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com Urban Jungle]] is a Webcomic started in 2008 by cartoonist David Wilborn. The comic follows the life of Zack, the only human being in an office full of animals; his pet pug Gus; his adopted brother Chuck, who is a sheep; his best friend and coworker Phil, who is a duck; as well as a cast of animal coworkers. It features mostly {{Office}} and {{Geek}} humor.

!!This webcomic provides examples of:

* ArtEvolution: Compare Zack and Les in the [[http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com/?p=8 first comic]] with [[http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com/?p=1649 a more recent one]].
* ComplainingAboutThingsYouHaventPaidFor: Zack chastises Gus for complaining about changes in FaceBook.
* ConMan: The neighborhood raccoons are always trying to trick Zack out of money (though never effectively).
* DressCode: Parodied in [[http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com/?p=314 this comic]].
* FurryReminder: Zack's coworkers occasionally show their animal sides, for example when Les "fires" Joe Hamster by eating him.
* FourFingeredHands: lampshaded [[http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com/?p=1126 here]]
* [[{{Hipster}} Hipsters]]: Featured in several comics, where it is debated if they are cooler than [[{{Nerd}} Nerds]].
* LocalHangout: Zack and Phil are often seen hanging out at the local coffee shop, "The Buzzed Bean."
* NoodleIncident: [[http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com/?p=78 'Kibble-n-Bits']]
* PointyHairedBoss: Les, Zack's snake boss, can exhibit this, though he is often more of a MeanBoss.
* RaisedByWolves: Zack's adopted parents are wolves; this is really a parody of this trope.
* SlidingScaleOfAnthropomorphism: Most of the characters are {{Funny Animal}}s, although a few like Zack's dog Gus and the neighborhood raccoons are {{Talking Animal}}s.
* TakeThat: There are several strips making fun of ''Series/{{CSI}}'' and ''Series/CSIMiami''.
* TastesLikePurple: Two much MSG can having you smelling blue [[http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com/?p=1250 apparently]]
* TertiarySexualCharacteristics/ HalfDressedCartoonAnimal/ LeaningOnTheFourthWall: All in one strip [[http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com/?p=1609 here]]
* TokenHuman: Zack is the only human featured in the comic.