'''''TRU-Life Adventures''''' is a long-running webcomic set primarily at a toy store. The characters regularly deal with all the hazards that come from working retail: bad customers, worse management, an epic time-travel war that threatens to destroy reality. So yeah, things can get a little strange.

Oh, and you can find it [[http://www.tru-lifeadventures.com here]].
!!'''Tropes featured''':

* ArtEvolution
* TheAtoner: [[spoiler: Jack]]
* CloudCuckooLander:Jack
* CrossOver: Two, to be precise. One with TaoOfGeek, and another, much earlier, with ABetterLifeThanThis
* EverythingsBetterWithBob
* FictionalCounterpart: Star*Squad takes the place of most ''Franchise/StarTrek'' or StarWars references.
** Ditto Hyperforce and the SuperHero universe of your choice.
** Toymania=Toys R Us.
* FirstGirlWins: Averted. Darby is the third female to appear in the strip, after Stephanie and Kendall.
* FunWithAcronyms:The good guy time travelers are the Time Line Authority. The bad guy time travelers are the Chronal Hierarchy: Advanced Operations Syndicate.
** CARD unit--Controlled Applications of Reality Distortion
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Jack spends a week claiming to see the audience. [[spoiler: He never actually looks directly as us, however.]]
* MacGuffin: the Bleak Diamond.
* MetaOrigin: Anyone exposed to the timestream gets superpowers.
* OnlySaneMan: Everyone gets moments like this, with Bert, Stephanie, and Kendall having the most legitimate claims.
* ScheduleSlip:The cartoonist used to have trouble maintaining a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Then he signed on for the [[http://www.crowncommission.com/dailygrind/ Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge]], and hasn't missed a Monday-thru-Friday update since 2005.
* ShoutOut: Several webcomic characters have popped up as customers. Others have appeared as toys.
* TakeThat: Derek, the FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire, doesn't think much of Twilight.