'''[[http://dawnchapel.com The Dawn Chapel]]''' is an anthology of short stories. It's sitting somewhere in a no-man's-land between the gag-a-day strip and the longform comic. Short form, maybe? Middleform? What this effectively means for you if you're a reader is that if you don't like what you're reading, you can still just keep on reading, because in a few pages you'll be reading something else.

It's inspired to some extent by the Flight anthologies, both in the flavor of fantasy-adventure stories presented and in the short story anthology presentation.

There is not, at present, any significance to the title ''The Dawn Chapel'', nor does it refer to anything in any of the stories.

!!''TheDawnChapel'' provides examples of:

* AnimalStereotypes: ''The Apex Predator'' series involves a proud lion coping with a series of household affronts to his dignity.
* DownerEnding: The conclusion of ''They Sit So Still''. Most of the story is kind of a downer, honestly.
* Schedule Slip: While the webcomic has no set schedule, one originally could have expected a page out around once a week, and then it slipped from there. In May 2012 Root promised an end was near. As of November 16th, no new pages have yet been created.