[[http://shinnycomic.tumblr.com/ ''Shinny! A Hockey Comic'']], written and drawn by Washington Capitals fans Peter Hassett and Rachel Cohen respectively, is described by its creators as "the story of how hockey breaks and mends hearts, how it brings people together and smashes people together, and how there’s a place for everyone in it. Plus: hockey jokes."

It centers around Elizabeth "Shinny" Hanssen, a 23 year old obsessed hockey fan who cheers for the Capitals. The other two principle characters are Chad, her idiotic boyfriend whose support for teams is so fickle his jersey has been known to spontaneously change in the middle of a strip, and Lou, her father, who first got her into the game, and rants about how everything was better in the old days and makes clear that Lou is not allowed in Shinny's room. Strips are often drawn to reflect on current hockey and/or Capitals events, or just about the timeless experiences of hockey fans everywhere. After about a year of comic, went on an extended hiatus in the middle of 2013, but has recently returned.