''Second Empire'' is a CG webcomic made by Mechmaster with the Daleks from ''Series/DoctorWho'' as [[VillainProtagonist Protagonists]].

The story follows that of [[FourStarBadass General]] [[TheHero Xenol]] of the [[BadassArmy First Conquest Army]]. Having ignored the orders of [[EvilOverlord the Golden Emperor]] to establish an outpost at a swamp-world in favor of invading the more threatening planet of Slepkt IV, he is brought to Skaro for insubordination. At first the Golden Emperor congratulates Xenol for identifying the greater threat, only to chastise him for having failed to secure victory against the Slepktians.

Xenol then complains that the reason he hasn't been able to conquer Slepkt is because, while the genetic programming of his Dalek troopers produces excellent soldiers, they lack initiative and have been out-thought by the Slepktians. The Golden Emperor is having none of it and it soon becomes obvious that he cares more about having obedient drones than competent soldiers.

This gets Xenol to think with his top scientist [[AbsentMindedProfessor Yttral]] - The Dalek Empire as it stands owes much of its power to other races, who create and maintain pretty much all Imperial technology. The Daleks slowly but steadily are decaying as their conquered peoples lose skilled laborers and as the genetic programming that they depend upon is steadily weakening the race by making them overdependent on their casings. Computers do much of their thinking and their leaders have slipped into complacency, content to obey their machines. Yttral himself is considered insane for actually performing research. Original Kaled devices are almost mythical LostTechnology.

But the straw that broke the camel's back? New Daleks created on Skaro are no longer being issued names. The computers now only issue alphanumeric strings of code.

Xenol, ''supremely'' pissed off at this corruption of the Dalek dream, decides it's time to '''''act''''', and the idea for a [[TitleDrop Second Dalek Empire]] is born...

It can be found [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp-index.htm here]].

Now with a [[Characters/SecondEmpire character page]]

The prequel comic [[http://www.mechmaster.co.uk/cg-lair/daleks/amber/amber-index.htm Trapped In Amber]] is available on the same site and tells the story of the battle for Weltro Major and Defence Post 27 Amber, first mentioned by Grexzol [[http://www.mechmaster.co.uk/cg-lair/daleks/secemp381.htm here]].

!!This webcomic provides examples of the following tropes:

* AbsentMindedProfessor: Yttral.
-->'''Xenol:''' [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Make sure he doesn't try rebuilding the engines or something, at least not until we land. ]]

* AcePilot:
** First Captain [[StarWars Anzollo]], who outmaneuvers fighters in a gunship.
** One of the fighter pilots of the first empire certainly counts. Anzollo has to resort to RammingAlwaysWorks to shake him:
--->'''Red Seven:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: May the fates be with you Red Five. ]]
'''Red Five:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: The fates? No, I will not leave this to fate. [[Film/Terminator 2 There is no fate save that which we make ourselves. ]]
'''[[ShoutOut Dalek Controller]]:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Franchise/Star Wars His computer is off. Red Five, you switched off your Battle Computer. What is wrong? ]]
'''Red Five:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: Nothing, I am all right. ]]
(''awesomeness ensues'')
** Also, [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp444.htm this guy.]]
* AfterlifeAntechamber:[[spoiler:Grexzol's entire platoon patiently waited here for its last member to die and join them so they could all march into glory [[BandOfBrothers together]].]]
* AlmightyJanitor:
** For some reason, [[FunWithAcronyms SPIE]] agents seem to prefer being disguised as Sanitation Daleks.
** Also Grexzol, a General Services Dalek who was once a soldier and [[spoiler:[[RetiredBadass hasn't lost any of his skills.]]]]
* AlternateUniverse: Although this will become apparent the moment you notice that the Daleks have robotic claws instead of plungers. Though it goes ''much'' further than that, as Daleks are content to have slave races, instead of the ferocious xenophobia they usually display.
** That was the original design of the Daleks in ''Series/DoctorWho'' but they didn't have the budget for claws.
** This universe is actually an amalgamation of canon and non-canon sources, such as borrowing heavily from Dalek comics of the 60s.
* AnimatedAdaptation: An animated version of the comic by [[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCouMqw3O6m99fjx3pueFJlADark Raven Productions]] on YouTube has been in production since 2008, with the first episode being released on November 30, 2009. Among the more interesting choices made with the adaptation include:
** Giving Agent 600 a Creator/SeanConnery-esque voice
** Giving Agent 700 a Brooklyn accent
** Having a woman voice Grexzol
* ApatheticCitizens: Nobody cares about the Skaro City attacks. [[KentBrockmanNews Skaro's Largest Kwalorblmn]] takes precedence.
* AreWeThereYet: Said by General Pturdd for the whole trip from Skaro to Ziragalen.
* ArmchairMilitary: General Vrung knows the ground pounders cannot hope to resist the incoming tide of Mechonoids, but chooses to leave them in position just to bleed the enemy a bit before the cavalry steps in.
* ATeamFiring: First Empire Daleks. [[spoiler:Grexzol demonstrates that experience is indeed valuable by obliterating an enemy squadron almost by himself by exploiting this.]]
* AwesomeButImpractical:
** Dalek casings can fly, which is awesome, but unless you have numbers on your side, you'll simply make yourself a bigger target, which is [[LampshadeHanging pointed out]] by a Second Empire instructor.
** Turned into an InUniverse GameBreaker by [[spoiler: Grexzol]], who uses the gravity lenses of his casing to a [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome very]] [[CeilingCling impressive]] [[DodgeTheBullet effect]].
* BadassArmy:
** The First and Fifth Conquest Armies.
** The [[BadassArmy Imperial Legion]] was once made from the most Badass Daleks in the Conquest Armies. [[BadassDecay Not anymore]].
* BadassBoast: Xenol's.
-->'''Xenol:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: I am a Black Dalek! I am an avatar of battle! I was born to Exterminate! ]]

* BadassDecay: In-universe example: The Imperial Legion was once made from the hardiest, most experienced warriors from the Dalek armies. Now they're bred for the job and haven't fought a single battle in over one hundred years, and use HollywoodTactics.
* BandOfBrothers: One of the big differences between the First and Second Empires - the latter are encouraged to form friendships and manifest a surprising range of emotion (considering we're talking about ''Daleks''), while the former treat inferiors like trash and adhere to ruthless politicking.
* BeamSpam: [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp088.htm This]].
* {{BFG}}:
** Special Weapons Daleks are here, so it's expected.
** The defence guns of the Second Empire base certainly count.
** As do the guns of Dalek Storm. [[spoiler:And the rest of the experimental squadron.]]
** The [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp414.htm Baryon Fusion Generator]]
* BerserkButton: Grexzol is driven to a berserk fury when an enemy hits his Diplomassee toy.
* BlindObedience: What the Golden Emperor wants. [[spoiler:He gets it. Just not to ''him''.]]
* BlingOfWar: General of the Imperial Legion Pturdd. He's not really that much flashier than many of other Daleks, though he does have a very shiny casing with some gold marbling around the mid section, but his gun has an extra power cable that's obviously designed to mimic an [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aiguillette_%28ornament%29 aiguillette]] which combined with his attitude takes him into this trope.
* BondOneLiner:
** Dalek Septacentum, a.k.a. Agent 700, is naturally fond of these.
** Xenol later gets a good one.
-->'''Xenol:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: Blind obedience is not a survival trait. ]]

* BrickJoke: The third Dalek of the recurring trio ''finally'' gets to drive the transporter when ramming the invading forces.
* ButtMonkey: Longbark keeps getting stuck testing Yttral's inventions, whether they be teleportation, sonic specs, or invisible paint.
* CanonWelding: Mostly ''Series/DoctorWho'' series canon to the TV Century 21 Dalek comic strip but also including pretty much any Dalek-related media seen in the last fifty years. For example, the Golden Emperor comes from the comic strip, but his Imperial Guard are taken directly from the Davros Imperial Dalek faction from the late classic series period, while Xenol's Daleks have the colouring of the Renegade Faction from the same period and his Imperial Casing is the one from [[Recap/DoctorWhoS4E9TheEvilOfTheDaleks "The Evil of the Daleks"]]. Both sides have capabilities taken from the latest series though like independent powered flight and many of the background characters have casings based on alternative designs from the various spin off books of the 1960's. [[spoiler:The most obvious example though is the combination of Yarvelling, creator of the Dalek travel machines in TV Century 21 with Davros, creator of the Daleks in the TV series into a single character.]]
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Grexzol and Yttral. The first keeps on [[OldSoldier rambling about his old campaigns]], and the latter isn't all there. [[spoiler:Both turn out to be way more dangerous than you'd think.]]
** However, Grexzol at least was already a mix between this and a particularly dull-witted smartass by the time of ''Trapped in Amber''.
** Old Wolma is a senile ShellShockedVeteran randomly repeating a few phrases, such as "seventeen, ninety-three, four, four, twelve" and "the titanium squares". [[spoiler:[[MadOracle The first is actually foreshadowing the date of his death, and the second refers to a special medal awarded to the fortress' survivors]]...]]
* ColonyDrop: How Xenol solves the problem of Slepkt.
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: If you pay attention, you can tell a Dalek's job description, rank and what organisation they belong to, simply by looking at their casing.
* CombatMedic: Combat Mechanics, at one point a group of them take on a squad of First Empire shock troops with nothing but their tools.
* CoolStarship: The Battlesaucers. To fire at an another ship, they need to flip over to the side.
* CrapsackWorld: Not apparent at first, but remember that the Daleks pretty much curb-stomp anything in the Whoniverse if The Doctor isn't involved, and that the Time Lords were the only beings that could match the Daleks in the Time War, and even then they ended up losing (sort of). [[FridgeHorror Now, we have yet to see the Doctor (or any Time Lord, in fact) in the comic.]] [[OhCrap Guess what this means for the rest of the Galaxy.]]
* CrazyEnoughToWork:
** On Xenol's plan to destroy a Battlesaucer:
--->'''Anzollo:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: And that is your cunning plan? To fly this gunship along the sensor shadow of a moving Battlesaucer in the middle of a void-charge attack and attach jury rigged mines to its hull without them noticing? The reason that sensor shadow tactic is not included in the Dalek Fleet Battle Manual is because it is impossible. That shadow is barely as wide as this ship. With respect General that is the most insane plan you have come up with since the one where we attack the heart of the Dalek Empire with nothing more that a gunship and thirty commandos. ]]
'''Xenol:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: Well, apart from the stated objections, what do you think of the plan? ]]
'''Anzollo:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Crazy Awesome I like it. When do we start? ]]
** And then Anzollo [[UpToEleven does one better]]:
--->'''Xenol:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: A moment ago you were trying to convince me it was impossible and now you are going to do it backwards? ]]

* CurbStompBattle:
** The initial attempt by the First Dalek Empire to exterminate Xenol's rebellion ends in this for the forces of Skaro. Xenol and his warriors wipe out an entire [[EliteMooks Imperial Legion]] and their support elements and transport ships almost to the last Dalek. The only survivors are a small group who escape into the local swamp of doom (implied to have been brutally killed there) and the space fleet escort saucers that stayed in orbit. Nobody knows what the hell happened.
** Grexzol versus an entire enemy platoon. [[spoiler: See, there's a ''reason'' seasoned veterans are worth so many times their weight in fresh recruits.]]
* CurbStompCushion: Anzollo, hopelessly outmatched as he is, deals enormous damage to the invaders before they can reach Ziragalen, giving Xenol time to complete his fortress' lockdown.
* DeadlyDecadentCourt: Computers have made Daleks complacent and made their commanders think their casings and numbers are the single important issue in battle, rather than strategy and guile. They crave the Second Empire's advances... but not their leaders.
* DefensiveFeintTrap: Pturrd proves how much of an idiot he is, not by walking, but rather, ''running'' into one of these.
* DespotismJustifiesTheMeans: The ''raison d'etre'' of the Golden Emperor. Since [[spoiler:Davros has expressed a desire not to return to hibernation, some... ''friction'' is to be expected]].
* DirtyCoward: Pturdd. When confronted with undeniable evidence he and his entire Legion have walked into a trap they're extremely unlikely to get out alive of, he turns into a spineless wimp. [[CruelAndUnusualDeath Then he forgets]] [[WhatAnIdiot why using the flight mechanism]] is an AwesomeButImpractical idea.
* DisappearsIntoLight: [[spoiler:Grexzol. He rejoins his old battalion and then they go into whatever consists of the afterlife for a Dalek.]]
* DoomyDoomsOfDoom: One of Old Wolma's many tares.
* DyingMomentOfAwesome: Section 5/14's LastStand. Victorious in death indeed.
* ElaborateUndergroundBase: Yttral has a pretty impressive one.
* EnemyCivilWar: It's Renegade Daleks versus Imperial Daleks.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Xenol may be a [[OmnicidalManiac Dalek]], but even he's horrified when he learns that the new Daleks produce at Skaro aren't been issued names, just alphanumeric designations.
* EvilVsEvil: This is a comic about two [[OmnicidalManiac Dalek]] empires decking each other out. What did you expect?
* ExplosiveOverclocking: Anzollo destroys several dozen First Empire battleships by doing this on his own engines.
* {{Expy}}:
** Agent 700 is basically Film/JamesBond, complete with [[BondOneLiner one-liners]] and weaponized vehicle, in a Dalek casing.
** Pretty much every casing from the Terry Nation comics and ''Doctor Who'' series has a lookalike.
* FellOffTheBackOfATruck: One of the characters notes the head scientist got excellent prices for some stuff that happened to "fall off the back of a cargo ship".
* FunWithAcronyms:
** The Skaro Political Intelligence and Espionage corp (SPIE)
** Artificial Sub-inteligence System (ASS)
** Faraway Extermination And Recon Dalek (FEARED)
** [=INTernal SECurity Tropper=] (INTSECT). Bonus points for them being Yellow and Black and organised into Sting Teams.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: A fair few, with Yttral being the usual suspect. Examples include during the briefing scene before the assault on Skaro, Yttral randomly takes the sanitation Dalek's floor polisher and continues to push it around the table for a significant ammount of time, and later while the Second Empire commanders are planning their defences, he seems to be gesturing at Grexnarl about how large one of the screens is totally at random.
* GeneralFailure:
** Pturdd. Combined with TheNeidermeyer, DirtyCoward and TooDumbToLive for extra humiliation.
** Xyml is implied to have been one of these. The fact that his soldiers ''[[AndThereWasMuchRejoicing cheer when he gets killed]]'' solidly cements the fact.
** Hell, many of the First Empire generals. All of them live by the manual of war, and they have no idea of what to do when faced with an opponent that actually uses creativity or lateral thinking in their attacks.
* GotVolunteered[=/=]UriahGambit: Grexzol gets volunteered for a suicide mission to destroy a Mechonoid artillery piece. Unsurprisingly for the commander, he blows it.
* GullibleLemmings: The citizens of the First Empire.
* GunsAkimbo:
** [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp570.htm The double-barreled Special Weapons Dalek]].
** Second Empire INTSECTs and First Empire Praetorian Guard both have a second gun in place of their manipulator arm
* HamToHamCombat: [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp505.htm Buraoun versus Grexnarl]].
* HeroicSacrifice: ''Lots''.
* HumanResources: Implied to be the case with [[Film/SoylentGreen Skaro Green]].
* HumongousMecha: [[http://www.mechmaster.co.uk/cg-lair/daleks/secemp442.htm Siege Lords]], which are Humongous Mecha shaped like Daleks. Except that when we finally see them from behind, they turn out to be also shaped like [[spoiler:Godzilla, complete with glowing spine plates.]].
* IKnowYouKnowIKnow: Xenol gets very annoyed when he realizes he is no exception to the Daleks' collective weakness of not being used to this.
* ImpossiblyCoolWeapon: The very, ''veeery'' shiny [[http://www.mechmaster.co.uk/cg-lair/daleks/secemp414.htm Battleclaw]].
-->'''Grexnarl:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: I do not have time to deal with this, you have to return to the sub-levels immediately. ]]
(''Yttral shows him the [[AudibleGleam gleaming]] Battleclaw'')\\
'''Grxnarl:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: All right, you have convinced me. How long will it take to fit the upgrades? ]]

* IsItSomethingYouEat: Diplomacy. ''Everyone'' thinks it's a sea creature. Subverted in that there ''is'' [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp452.htm a Diplomassee]].
* [[ItsRainingMen It's Raining Daleks]] In the form of the 2nd Conquest Army's 183rd Spaceborne Rangers [[http://www.mechmaster.co.uk/cg-lair/daleks/secemp419.htm "The Squealing Shurgols"]]. SPACEBORNE!
* KentBrockmanNews: Skaro's Largest Kwalorblmn.
* LargeHam: ''Everyone''. It's Daleks, what did you expect?
--> '''Yttral''': ''[[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp315.htm But first... kwalorblmn.]]'' [[CrowningMomentOfFunny It has been prophesied]].
* LeeroyJenkins: [[spoiler: Grexzol.]] Unusual in that he's just ''that'' skilled to actually pull it off, hitting enemy Daleks far faster than they can respond and in ways they can barely imagine due to them being only a few days old and him being a seasoned veteran.
* LostTechnology: Most of the original Kaled technology. Yttral [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] that while the Daleks are more intelligent, the Kaleds were ''smarter''. He wanted to examine old examples to reverse engineer them, but was denied at every opportunity, despite being the top Dalek scientist in ''centuries''. He's understandably pissed. Add to that there is very little actual research being carried and that the Daleks are almost fully dependent on their slaves and on Davros to create and innovate new technology and you'll understand one of the major flaws of the First Empire.
* TheMole: Agent Hexacentum, [[spoiler:later Dalek Snelldron.]]
* MoreDakka:
** Yttral's [[GatlingGood Rotary]] [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp049.htm Neutron Guns.]]
** And the Special Weapons Dalek.
** And Section Leader Storm.
* MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels: Grexzol can sort of understand and speak the Mechonoid language. However, his accent is so atrocious he has been ordered never to actually attempt to try to communicate with them. The one time he tries, he and his troops are immediately fired upon.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Let's see, we have Emperor Xenol (who gets called "The Dark Emperor" by the First Empire Daleks), Generals Grexnarl and Aychemex, First Captains Anzollo and Gnerk, Sub-commander Zlonozite, Golden Emperor Xanzathix, Yarvelling [[spoiler:Davros]], High Marshal Zolfian Kalkaderak... pretty much every name given is this trope. Hell, even the minor characters have pretty scary-sounding names! General Services Dalek Grexzol, anyone? Except for Pturdd.
* TheNeidermeyer: Pturdd. He seems stuck in WarIsGlorious mode until he's shown, ''forcefully'', he's not fit to lead a parade.
* NeverBringAKnifeToAGunfight: A nameless Dalek in a super-strong powerloader threatens Dalek Septacentum with tearing him apart. Septacentum points out that the powerloader does not defend him against ion blasters.
* NicknamingTheEnemy: The Daleks shorten the Mechonoid name to "Me'noid".
* NukeEm: The Second Empire Daleks dispense nukes like they're candy.
* ObfuscatingInsanity: [[spoiler: Yttral.]] While he's definitely more than a little out there he's not as much of a {{Cloudcuckoolander}} as he appears and as [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp313.htm an interlude]] shows there's method to his madness.
* OohMeAccentsSlipping: Grexzol, with the Mechonoid language. He's under orders never to actually try to talk to the enemy. He disobeys, with obvious consequences.
* PaintingTheMedium: Daleks speak in their usual angular font. Ancient Kaled uses a much fancier script. Other alien races have their own fonts (Mechanoids speak only in bar codes). [[spoiler:Davros' text is a slimmer, unbolded version of the Daleks'.]]
* PraetorianGuard: Complete with extra armor [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp064.htm (that they can't seem to make proper use of).]]
* PreAsskickingOneLiner: "[[/folder]]

[[folder: Educate them. ]]
* PunnyName:
** General Pturdd
** Captain Kepptin
** Supreme Daleks [[ColorfulThemeNaming Gariin, Ghalt and Buraoun.]]
* RammingAlwaysWorks: [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp459.htm How the Millenium Thargon disables one of the Siege Lords.]] Though [[spoiler:it did result in another HeroicSacrifice]].
** Much earlier, the Thargon had used the same maneouvre to destroy the last of the pursuing Red Comets.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Yttral delivers a fairly painful one to Gariin, who shrugs it off. Gariin then proceeds to fall for an extremely dumb trap, instantly vindicating Yttral.
* RousingSpeech: Grexnarl [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp425.htm gives one.]]
-->''[[CrowningMomentOfFunny Note: This is just how the scene appears in Grexnarl's imagination]]''
* RunningGag: ''Nobody'' ever listens to Grexzol. [[spoiler:This takes on a heartbreaking turn when it's the last thing that is said as Grexzol passes into the light with his former regiment.]]
* ScarilyCompetentTracker: The Phonar operator is so damn good at his job he can identify the exact model of a coupling manipulator, just by the noise it makes when dropped--[[/folder]]

[[folder: IN SPACE ]]
, no less.
* SceneryPorn: Mechmaster has some [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp179.htm pretty impressive CG scenery.]]
* SealedEvilInACan: [[spoiler:Davros. He's left in a special chamber that slows the degeneration to his ravaged body, though now he's been successfully converted into a more mobile form, the issue of him ''not'' wanting to return to his can has already shown up...]]
* SelfDestructMechanism: Used by Second Empire troops to blow up their dead units so no technology can be reverse-engineered.
* SerialEscalation:
** How many [[ShoutOut Shout-Outs]] can we cram into this Comic? Into this chapter? into this page? Into this ''panel''? Into '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis This.]]''' '''Single.''' '''Sentence?'''
** Behold: a Dalek destroying another Dalek... ''[[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp471.htm with a katana!]]''
* ShoutOut: Lots. Could probably do with its own page, come to think of it.
* TheSiege: Half the webcomic is dedicated to the First Empire's attempt to retake Ziragalen with a ''brutal'' ZergRush.
** ''Trapped in Amber'' has an even more lopsided assault by the Mechonoids on Defence Post 27 Amber - half a million Mechonoids versus 500 Daleks.
* SuperPrototype: Compared to the First Empire units, Second Empire travel machines are considerably more advanced. The First Empire desperately seeks the technology, but to compensate, it has access to larger armies, allowing it to think that there's a chance ZergRush is a valid tactic in this case.
* SuperSoldier: Xenol, Pturdd and [[spoiler:Yttral]].
** Xenol and Pturdd were part of Project Ancestral, an attempt to create a better Dalek commander by reactivating dormant Kaled genes. As a result, Xenol is charismatic, extremely competent leader, but is independent to the point of insubordination; and Pturdd is a merciless and bloodthirsty commander, but also a {{Jerkass}} with an ego the size of a planet and a GeneralFailure.
** [[spoiler: Yttral is part of Project Y, an attempt to create a substitute for Davros. Of the ten Daleks to undergo conversion, only three survived; of those three, one became a vegetable and was Exterminated, the other was brilliant but couldn't forget the trauma of his creation and slowly went insane; Yttral, the third, is arguably one of the greatest Dalek minds, but is erratic and uncontrollable by Dalek standards (by ours, he just comes off as a very eccentric AbsentMindedProfessor).]]
** Dalek Storm's casing has the speed, range and firepower of a Combat Hoverbout.
--->'''Yttral:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: It is also very shiny. ]]

* TakeThat: In the Dalek History Vaults, the [[Recap/DoctorWhoS31E3VictoryOfTheDaleks New Paradigm Daleks]] are in the section reserved for the Empire's "worst mistakes, preserved for all eternity".
* TalkToTheFist: Xenol responds to the Imperial commander who tries to arrest him by unceremoniously blowing him up.
* TastesLikeChicken: Apparently ''[[http://www.mechmaster.co.uk/cg-lair/daleks/secemp244.htm teleportation]]'' tastes like chicken to a Dalek. Bonus points awarded as they have no idea what chicken means, either.
* {{Technobabble}}:
** On why they need silent running in space:
--->'''Xenol:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: Silent running? [[Fridge Logic Surely the nebula gasses are not dense enough for sound transmission, even in the Shoal zone ]]
'''Anzollo:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: That is correct, [[Handwave but we are moving so fast that the ship creates a bow wave of highly compressed gases that acts as a quantum resonator. Excited by sound vibrations it propagates etheric waves through the medium of subspace. ]]
'''Xenol:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: Ah. I see. [[Literature/Discworld Quantum ]]
** Also parodied with the operating principles of the Baryon Fusion Generator:
--->'''Yttral:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: The underlying scientific principles are well established of course, simple stated... blah blah blah... Meson polarity inversion... blah blah... Boson nullification... blah blah blah... Unstable quark pairs... blah blah blah blah. ]]
'''Grexnarl:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: I see, so it is quantum, then? [[Blatant Lies This is utterly fascinating, Yttral ]]
, I do hope I am not keeping you from anything more important.]]
* TeleportersAndTransporters: The Second Empire has successfully introduced Transmat technology. While it's impossible to teleport nonliving matter, Xenol has already noted its potential as a bioweapon distribution system.
* TemptingFate:
** WARNING! [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp425.htm Saying you are beyond weapons range]] [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp426.htm only tempts snipers.]] [[GenreBlind He really should have known better.]]
** Also applies to the communication Dalek [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp060.htm here]].
** Gariin falls for Yttral's simple trap and he and his forces are left alone with a nuke in Yttral's labs. He ignores it, saying only a madman would activate it. Idiot.
* [[ThatsNoMoon That's No Stormcloud]]: It's only a ''HUMONGOUS'' Dalek swarm.
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill:
** To get rid of the Slepktians, Emperor Xenol orders a bunch of [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp355.htm HUGE]] asteroids to be diverted to [[ColonyDrop impact the planet.]]
** [[NukeEm Atomic]] [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp421.htm Minefield]]. 96% casualty rate in the enemy's most experienced scout battalion? Of course!
* TheyCalledMeMad: Yttral.
-->'''Yttral:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: I am the first Science Dalek to actually do research in over five hundred years and yet they call me mad! ]]

* ThoseTwoGuys: Those Three Daleks -- the three General Services Daleks who become minor recurring characters. One of them, Grexzol, won't stop talking; the second tries to ignore him ("I am still not listening!"); and the third keeps asking to drive the transporter.
* TitleDrop: Xenol's dialogue when he tries to convince Xyml to join him is full of Dalek episode titles. ("Genesis of the Daleks", "Remembrance of the Daleks", "The Parting of the Ways"...)
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Kwalorblmn, for the entire Dalek species. {{Justified|Trope}} in that it's the only plant that can grow in the radioactive wasteland that is Skaro.
* UnusualEuphemism: The word Thal is thrown around a lot. Made funnier by this flashback [[spoiler:from Davros]]:
-->'''High Marshal Zolfian:''' ...may their very name become a curse for ten times ten thousand years.
* WeHaveBecomeComplacent: This has already hit. The Second Empire seeks to return them to their AxCrazy, OmnicidalManiac GalacticConqueror (and most importantly, to their MagnificentBastard) roots.
* WiperStart: Occurs when Agent 700 tries to start an advanced Hoverbout with a nonstandard control layout.
* ZergRush: The First Empire's invasion. [[http://www.cg-lair.co.uk/daleks/secemp424.htm Holy crap.]]


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