-->''You’re not who you think you are…''

[[http://www.spicomic.com/ SPi]] is a finite weekly webcomic created by Scott Closter and drawn by Braden Poirer. The story is a [[Creator/DavidLynch Lynchian]] take on the ManchurianAgent concept by way of ''Series/ThePrisoner''.
!!''SPI'' provides examples of:

* AliceAllusion: There are many references, visual and otherwise, to Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. These include a "Literature/{{Jabberwocky}}", chessboard floor patterns and rooms designed with playing card flourishes. As the story progresses, the AIW influences become more apparent.
* ArcWords: The phrase "It Is Time" is repeated several times throughout the story, though it is not yet apparent if the meaning of the phrase will be explained.
* IKnowYoureWatchingMe: While executing a plan to steal LSD from a secure area of the asylum, Jones / Smith stares into one of the many surveillance cameras as he knock it askew with a broom handle.
* NoNameGiven: Several characters are called by a one word name or no name at all. The protagonist at different times is referred to Jones, Smith and Mann. The head of the asylum is only referred to as The Director.
* QuestForIdentity: The protagonist wakes up in an asylum, believing he is an assassin known only as Smith. Those running the asylum quickly work to convince him that he is merely "Jones" a writer for a television program named "Eye Spy." As the story progresses, Jones begins to that he may be neither of these two men, but another person entirely.
* ThirdEye: A version of the Third Eye is seen throughout the story, sometimes in the background, but often on the forehead of Jones, denoting moments of enlightenment or gnosis.
* TriggerPhrase: Near the end of episode 4 it's revealed that a specific sound tone in combination with the phrase It Is Time are a trigger phase to wake up the government assassin buried within the mind of Jones.
* YouWakeUpInARoom: The protagonist is dragged kicking and screaming into an asylum. He is then drugged and gassed, and upon waking is unaware of his location and identity.