%%UNMISSABLE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This page is just a joke. The "negative" parts of this go in the darth wiki entry.

%% This is a sarcastic page about a webcomic that may be Intentionally Horrible.%%

Powerup comics, made by [[strike:us]] two of the most '''uber''' [=PS3=]/360 gamers in history Shadow and Chug, is an ''awesome'' series about them. Drawn beautifully by Chug.

!!This shows great examples of:
* BigEater - Moobs.
* FanService - [[http://www.drunkduck.com/Powerup_Comics/index.php?p=426858 here.]]
* ShaggyDogStory - We are given about a page's worth of Playstation history and information. The punchline? "Playstation is pretty gay."
* StrawLoser - Dorkwinkle cuz he sux.
* UnexplainedRecovery - Shadow, and unfortunately Dorkwinkle.