''[[http://madhair60.deviantart.com/gallery/592276 Omakii]]'' is a fantasy comedy both drawn and written by Stuart Gipp, though the characters are mostly cribbed from Katziinated, a comic created by Leanne Coote.

The comic ran from September 2005 through to January 2009, updating on an [[ScheduleSlip erratic schedule]]. It is currently [[SeriesHiatus on hiatus]], but will return in the future.

Omakii began as a small undertaking, with comics of only one or two pages. In time, however, it grew in scope and came to encompass a fairly consistent internal logic. Most of the comic's events take place in the house, with very little venturing to other locations.

Newer comics tend to single out common online fetishes for parody.

Omakii Z, a spin-off with a [[DarkerAndEdgier more serious tone]] [[TimeSkip that takes place a year or so]] after the original comic, has reached its fourth chapter as of this writing.

!!This comic provides examples of:
* ArtEvolution - While not massively improved, the comic's art becomes a lot slicker and more expressive.
* AuthorAvatar - Stubert, [[InNameOnly in name only]].
* ChristmasSpecial - Also an example of [[DownerEnding downer ending]].
* DarkAndTroubledPast - Stubert, again, though his exact circumstances are [[MysteriousPast yet to be revealed]].
* FanService - Good lord, constantly.
* GuestStrip - Various fanworks.
* HoYay - Stubert and Noobert, briefly.
* KillItWithFire - the house, in "Status Quo".
* LesYay - Katzii and Zimmette. Duh.
* MsFanservice - Zimmette.
* OddCouple - Katzii's relationship with Zimmette can be quite testing, with Zimm's constant exuberance.
* RefugeInAudacity - A few of the later issues, such as "Maternal Affairs".
* RuleOfCool - SHADES.
* RunningGag - Plenty - Zimm's lust, Stubert and the Yuriboobs, Cosby's hiding around the house, Leanne's being a bitch...
* SnarkyNonhumanSidekick - Stubert!
* WithFriendsLikeThese - All of the cast have pulled this on each other, but Yuri is the embodiment of this trope.