''[[http://nottheworstcomic.com/ Not The Worst Comic]]'' is a gag-a-day [[{{Webcomic}} webcomic]] published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

A {{Twitter}} [[http://twitter.com/NTWorstComic feed]] is available posting links to the latest comics.

Recurring Cast:

* '''Jay:''' A middle-aged man living in the suburbs, and working from home. He truly believes "bald is beautiful."
* '''Kay:''' Jay's wife and a retail manager with recurring "Kay's Retail Tales of Woe" themes
* '''Kate:''' Oldest daughter, big sister, and completely focused on how her hair looks today.
* '''Liz:''' Middle child, tween, and just the right blend of cleverness and naivety.
* '''Jane:''' Ah, the baby. Fresh into grade school but growing up fast thanks to her sisters.