An early and very obscure entry among {{Webcomics}}, created by Dale Taylor.

After several years of failing to get his work syndicated, Taylor began posting strips about a wiener dog named Oscar and a squirrel named Oliver online and in his college's newspaper. Renamed ''Not in My Backyard!'' by 1998, the strip moved to its own domain of, later The strip garnered a couple mentions in the ''Fort Worth Star-Telegram'' and was even listed in ''Building a Website for Dummies''.

''Not in My Backyard!'' centralized on the wiener dog and squirrel characters, as well as Oscar's human owner, Elsa, and several other background characters: Terrance the armadillo, Grumpa the old fox terrier, Auden and E.J. the cats, Bip and Bap the yorkies, Jessie the mouse (or rat) and Matilda the poodle. After several months of ScheduleSlip, it stopped entirely, but is still archived [[ here]]. You can read about the history [[ here]] (Wayback Machine link).

Taylor created a [[ line of fighting toys]] in 2013.
!!Tropes present
* AbandonedInfoPage: The info page was never updated to include some of the later characters, nor to reflect Oscar's rename to Wyman. Sometime after the strip's ending, the site was gutted of everything but the strip archive.
* AcidRefluxNightmare: [[ This strip]].
* AllThereInTheManual: The characters' names; Grumpa and E.J. were only named once in the strip, and Auden and Hormel were never referred to by name. You can find all the names [[ here]].
** One thing that doesn't help is that the character bios never clarified which is Bip and which is Bap. They appear to have flip-flopped at least once.
* CharacterOverlap: Taylor first used the Oliver character in a local comic.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Most of the secondary cast had few to no appearances in the last year of the strip, leaving mostly just Oscar/Wyman, Oliver, Bip, and Bap.
** Before that, Terrance barely made it past the first ''year'', outside a few unspoken cameos, and Hormel only had a couple appearances overall.
* CrazySurvivalist: Terrance is said to be one, such as [[ this strip]].
* DogStereotype: Played straight with Matilda (poodle) and Bip and Bap (Yorkies), but averted with most others.
* HairDecorations: One of the Yorkies (their names flip-flopped at least once) has a bow in her hair.
* IncrediblyLamePun: Several. One of the worst:
-->'''Jessie''': Look, your house is slated for demolition.
-->'''Oscar''': On whose authority?
-->'''Jessie''': Eminent domain. Your house is in front of ''do main'' entrance to my new condos.
* LoopholeAbuse: In one strip, Elsa honestly denies that she's feeding her pizza crusts to Oscar… in reality, she's been feeding him the ''rest'' of the pizza.
* MeaningfulName: Oliver is named after Literature/OliverTwist. Bip and Bap are named for their distinctive barks.
* NoEnding: Justified in that the strip was gag-a-day and rarely had any real plot arcs.
* OrphanedSeries: It just ended without explanation in August 2001. WordOfGod (Dale Taylor's Website/{{Twitter}}) is that he set a goal of trying to get the strip nationally syndicated within 10 years, and quit when that failed to happen.
* PetTheDog: In [[ this strip]], Oliver protects Oscar's dog food in the rain… [[SubvertedTrope just for the sake of messing with his world view]].
* RetCon: Oscar's name inexplicably changed to Wyman in February 2001.
* ScrewPolitenessImASenior: Grumpa, being the oldest character, is often rude to the others.
* SeldomSeenSpecies: Not too many armadillos out there.
* TitleDrop: "[[ Slugs!! My food! My house! Not in my backyard!!!]]"
* VomitIndiscretionShot:
-->'''Bap''': Hold it, Bip, you're supposed to say "Bip", not "Arf". Got it?
-->'''Bip''': I'm sick, I can't say my "B's" right now.
-->'''Bap''': Try it.
-->'''Bip''': '''''BARF!'''''