''[[http://www.messenger-comic.com Messenger]]'' is a SciFi[=/=]UrbanFantasy webcomic following the stories of several different characters which all take place at the same time. The story begins by following Akiara Kenakobe, a teenage girl living as part of a tribal group in post-apocalyptic America, as she leaves her home after the death of her best friend Luke Makaio, who was from a rival tribe. Later, the story follows Eldora and her brother Finnegan, two creatures created by modern science known as Chios, as they are sent out to retrieve a vaccine to help save their people. The storylines for each character overlap gradually, adding clues to unravel the mysteries of the past.
A prequel webcomic, ''Webcomic/{{Follower}}'', was first published in October 2012. It follows the first Chio and the world before the apocalypse.


Characters Include:
* Akiara Kenakobe: A teenage girl from a tribal family group who often has to kill to protect their own.
* Luke Makaio: A member of the Makaio tribe and Akiara's best friend. Before he acquired NearDeathClairvoyance.
* Zavier Kenakobe: Akiara's cousin, and one of the strongest of the Kenakobe warriors. A WorthyOpponent.
* Eldora: A creature known as a Chio, which is a kind of HalfHumanHybrid, who dreams of becoming a warrior for her village.
* Finnegan: Eldora's younger brother.
* Kyle Nekos: A (dead) teenage guy with a MysteriousPast.
Tropes Used Include:
* BloodKnight: Zavier enjoys killing outsiders, and can't even begin to consider the possibility of coexisting with them. He also hates Akiara, calling her a traitor for running away, and so is considering ways to kill her, even though he was ordered to bring her back ''alive''.
* CompanionCube: Eldora takes Icy everywhere she goes.
* DidntThinkThisThrough: Eldora is a brave Chio. [[http://www.messenger-comic.com/archive/5-21-smash/ Not necessarily a bright Chio, but a brave Chio.]]
* FindTheCure: Jazlyn sends Eldora on a quest to find the vaccine that will save their people.
* ImprobableAge: Aki is a 17-year old warrior.
* LegoGenetics: The Chios.
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: Luke and Nekos certainly are.
* ParentalAbandonment: Nekos, Eldora and Finnegan all suffer here.
* ProudWarriorRace: The Kenakobe, Makaio, and other warrior tribes determine their honor through battle.
* UnusualEars: Well, it's certainly not the humans...