[[caption-width-right:348:''He has conquered death. He has returned.'']]
->You've rescued the princess. You've saved the kingdom. You've defeated the final boss. But what happens after that? Where do you go next? Are you willing to face those hardships again? When all is said and done, is that even possible?

''[[http://chroniclesofmarla.com/ Marla]]'' is an ongoing online graphic novel by S. Blake Ervin and Elis N, started on Sept. 26, 2011. The story so far deals with an as-yet-unnamed swordsman who, after returning from the grave, hunts down his old enemies (or are they?) in order to gather weapons and items for a mysterious purpose...
This webcomic provides examples of:
* AnachronicOrder
* ArtificialLimbs: G'nn'r, a barbarian the swordsman fights in Act 1, Scene 3, has a mechanical right arm that was ostensibly built by his companion, Ernst. [[spoiler:The swordsman kills G'nn'r and takes it to replace his own missing right arm.]]
* ArtShift
* ChekhovsGun:
** In a non-chronological example, the mushroom that [=Æ=]dmond picks up in Act II proves crucial later on... in Act I.
* ConvenientlyInterruptedDocument: Ernst is in the process of recording what appears to be a history of the world when he is interrupted by a knock at the door.
* Creepy Cemetery
* CuteMonster: One of the (few) recurring characters is a baby demon from the first scene.
* DecoyProtagonist
* EasterEgg
* EyeScream
* FunnyAnimal: Hink & Carmickle
* HeroicSecondWind: '''''[[http://chroniclesofmarla.com/acti/094.html "KILL YOU!"]]'''''
* IntroOnlyPointOfView
* ImplacableMan
* OutOfTheInferno
* RebusBubble
* RhymesOnADime: Ernst only speaks in rhyming couplets. [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StylisticSuck Very badly metered rhyming couplets.]]
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge
* SacrificialLamb
* SingleStrokeBattle
* SplashPanel: Every scene thus far has had a two-part splash, always on pages 11 and 12.
* {{Sssssnaketalk}}: [[spoiler:Tighearnán appears to be more of a dragon-man, but he still speaks like this.]]
* TarotMotifs
* VillainProtagonist: Not only does the swordsman do some truly despicable things to accomplish his goals, but he also is referred to as the "Mad King" by Edmond.